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Everyday Woman

With Tim gone, Jeffrey tells Darlene that he's going to make what he's going to make, and hopefully she'll like it. If she doesn't, he just hopes the judges like it. "Well, if it's not what I expected, why am I being treated like this?" He responds, "I don't appreciate you even standing here." Okay, this whole scene is really enraging, and I kind of hate watching it. This guy is a fucking prick. Darlene -- and it sounds like she's fighting tears, which appears to make Jeffrey grow taller and prouder -- asks him if he talks to everyone like he's talking to her. She says that she would have said the same thing about his design that she said to Tim if Jeffrey had been standing there. Over most of it, he's interrupting her and saying, "How am I treating you?" and "I'm just being honest." Darlene tells him that he has great ideas and is very talented, but she knows what works for her. "Maybe other people find things about you that are beautiful that you don't find in yourself because of your insecurities. How does that sound?" And you're that guy, Jeffrey? Tell us, what is it you find beautiful about Darlene? Or is that just a watered-down way of telling her that she's insecure? Darlene replies, "I think if you have your own taste in clothes doesn't mean that you're insecure." Snap. I feel like I need to make a little disclaimer: I don't find Darlene to be the most sympathetic person on the planet. She's pretty whiny and mousy. And she raised Angela, who can be quite shrill. What bothers me is Jeffrey's behavior -- that the recipient is Darlene is sort of inconsequential to me.

Jeffrey goes to the sewing room, and we hear an interview where he says that he let Darlene know that he didn't appreciate her talking to Tim without him there. In the sewing room, he says to someone, "That crazy bitch is in there telling Tim, 'I don't like the colors.' It's very apropos. I don't get along with her daughter. Why should I get along with her?" Uli's in the room with him and is kind of smiling, but not really paying attention.

In another room, Angela is sitting with Darlene, who is upset. She's crying because "Nobody talks to me that way." Angela, who I think should grow some fucking balls right about now and take Jeffrey downtown, tells Darlene not to let Jeffrey get to her. "There's just so much hate in his voice," says Darlene. Then she starts crying more and puts her hands up to her face. Angela interviews tearfully (but not too tearfully -- for real, someone just made her mom cry; shouldn't she be more upset?) that this is the worst thing that could have happened. She says that Jeffrey is an ass. Not her or her mother. That's interesting that she says that. It's like she's trying to convince herself. I'll make it easy: you're all asses.

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