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Vincent tells Jeffrey that Darlene is crying. "You broke her down. What can I tell you?" Jeffrey says that he was just being honest. God, that's tired. Here's the thing: people who are our parents' age are our elders. Be nice to them, and in turn, maybe other people will be nice to our parents. It's fucking easy. Vincent interviews that Jeffrey is a crybaby and that we are now seeing his true colors.

In the other room, Jeffrey's mom tries to talk Darlene down. She says that Jeffrey is very emotional. It is so freaking uncomfortable. Imagine getting to her age and still having to make excuses for your son. I guess "having to" is the operative phrase in that sentence. Anyway, it's all a bit of a humorless event, this watching grown poseurs being mean to chubby Midwesterners and rich and overly-plucked Baby Boomers making excuses for them. I wish my inner Neil Simon would be a little less Lost in Yonkers and a little more The Star-Spangled Girl right now. That's a fun show.

In the workroom, Pam goes to Jeffrey, hugs him, and says, "It's gonna be okay," as she starts to cry. Christ! Can I see some fucking clothes already? Jeffrey tells her not to cry. I have to say, if I talked to someone the way he'd spoken to Darlene, my mom would really leave me to save my own ass. My mom won't even lie and say I'm not there if someone calls her house that I don't want to speak to. But every family's different. In mine, we don't mind eyebrows so much. Jeffrey interviews that his mom is amazed that he was able to come back from junkie-suicidal-homeless-guy world to his current land of milk and honey and runway projects. He doesn't want to disappoint her by not seeing "Project Runway through to the end." It's kind of hard to care about you making your mom proud when you're so rude to other people's moms.

Later in the sewing room, Angela and Jeffrey are sewing side by side and having an oddly calm conversation. Angela says that she's not entirely sure what happened between Jeffrey and her mother, and he tells her that Darlene deliberately tried to make her look bad in front of Tim Gunn. And he's not going to stand for it. Angela weakly replies, "I doubt it." What the fuck, Angela? You can freak out about a fleur chon but you can't stand up for your MOTHER? just not one of these people. I don't know. Jeffrey concludes that Darlene is "an unhappy customer" and Angela kind of mumbles, "She's also my mom." Wow. Bold. I think you really impressed upon him to what great lengths you will go to defend your mother's honor. Sure, nobody's bleeding or maimed or anything, but...I can't stop talking about this! Okay, I just think I would react differently.

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