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Everyday Woman

Everyone's hurrying with their work. Michael seems like he's pretty happy with his design, and Uli sings, "Michael's gonna do three in a row!" Michael says that he will faint if wins again.

At the end of the night, Jeffrey interviews that he did better than he thought he would. He mentions that he didn't take a "big piece of chiffon and cut a hole in it and call it a poncho. Like most people did." Just totally pointless. You suck, asshole. I'm practically getting Tourette's, I'm so in dislike of him right -- shitlips! We cut to Robert and the poncho he's made. He says he doesn't love it, but it's what Patricia, Vincent's sister, requested.

Back at the apartment, Uli's looking for some wine. "You're drinking wine now?" asks Laura. She says that she's going to bed. Uli replies, "You're pregnant." Laura kind of brilliantly replies, "Oh, shut up." She interviews that she'll be fine with six kids; she'll just throw the new one on the pile. She tells everyone that she's tired of hearing about herself being pregnant. Then she smiles at the camera as she's eating some sort of cookie or something. Something about Laura is looking a little softer. She's looking pretty cute.

The next morning, Michael says that he's excited for the runway show. He knows his mom is going to work it on the runway. In the workroom, Tim enters and tells the designers that they will have an hour and a half to fit their models and send them through hair and make-up. Then he sends the moms and sisters in. Robert says that working with the other designers' relatives is kind of a mindfuck.

Angela helps Darlene get into Jeffrey's design. They are behind a screen, but you hear a mic'd Angela tell Darlene that she can be honest on the runway when the judges ask her if she's uncomfortable. Jeffrey interviews that he will feel good if he is auf'd for this challenge, because it's not something that he has ever prepared for. Again, dogs were easier than bigger people?

When Pamela is sitting in the Tresemme hair salon, KoMC tells the stylist that he wants this "to be just like a beauty day." Or a beauty hour and a half. Judy of Many Colors, who is as dry as KoMC is juicy, says that she's going to "learn the catwalk" and she's "going to embarrass Kayne."

Laura is watching Angela fit Lorraine. She interviews that Angela's work is inconsistent. Parts of it were too basic, while other parts were "too eclectic -- but not in a good way." Commercials. The question this week: who's right in the fight: Angela's mom or Jeffrey? Yeah, this is a tough one.

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