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Oh no, it's Robert's. It's a black sack with a red half-sack over it. Really. It's the simplest of shapeless black dresses. The red jacket thing is shapeless as well, and it has two embarrassing scarf appendages on it, which poor Patricia was apparently cajoled into whipping around her neck. She does so while appearing to be in great pain. Patricia's no Nicole Richie, but I feel that this design has made her look unnecessarily blimp-like. Again, I can't believe that the producers brought these people on the show to have their appearances critiqued by all of us. What mom is going to say "no" when it could mean so much for your kid's future? Shit, Jeffrey's mom would let someone make an outfit out of her kidneys if it meant Jeffrey might win, or not die in a gutter. Okay, stakes are higher there.

Michael's design is next. Teresa, Robert's sister, is a knockout. The dress is a reversible shirtdress, with a tie-belt that matches the fabric. It's looks nice, except for the belt loops, which are so visible that they practically change the silhouette. The dress opens a little bit at the knee, where it shows a little more of the reversible fabric, which is a nice touch. Michael interviews that Teresa "worked the hell out of the dress. She looked as good as some of the models, actually." And she does look really good.

Sweet Sally Struthers, it's Darlene. She does this Brechtian saluting move behind the scrim that's so amazing. I've watched it 95 times now. Wow, this dress may be a little Brechtian too. It's saying, "I don't want you to like me. Look at me!" It's a...shirt? And a vest? There are panels. The sleeves are padded. The collar's kind of nice. Aside from Wendy Pepper's candy outfit, I really don't think I've found any design uglier than this. It's just wrong. Jeffrey says simply, "Angela's mom looked cute." He adds that he made something modest and thoughtful.

After the judges score the designs, Heidi tells the designers that they are going to keep all of them for questioning. She tells Laura, Angela, and Jeffrey to leave the runway -- the questioning will take place in two groups. The models for the remaining designers return to the runway.

Michael explains that Teresa is a business consultant in England, so he made her a shirtdress suitable for a woman on the go. Also, it's completely reversible. Heidi seems impressed. Joan likes it a lot. Michael Kors is not wild about the belt, but loves the idea.

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