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Uli explains that she wanted to give Judy of Many Colors a lot of...color. And the stripes were to elongate. Michael thinks that it's understated and chic at the same time. Nina asks Judy if she would wear her outfit, and she says that she would wear it when she went out to eat with her husband. There's something really endearing about her reply. Nina points out, and I think she's totally correct, that the piece looks like something Uli would make, yet it's perfect for Judy at the same time. Honestly, the more I look at the design, the more I like it. I'm not usually wild about Uli's crazy prints, but this I really enjoy.

KoMC explains his outfit for Pamela as something that could be worn separately or together. Nina says that she is not fond of the "matchy-matchy" qualities of the different fabrics on the blouse. It looks to me now like Pamela is wearing a satin bib. Michael thinks that KoMC could have made something a little younger-looking.

Vincent says that he loved working with Uli's mom. Then there's some Heidi-on-Heidi German conversation. Afterwards, Heidi Klum Seal says, "She loved the dress." Joan loves the dress. She thinks it's flattering and appropriate. Michael thinks it looks great on Heidi. Nina agrees with the others, and tells Vincent that he did a wonderful job. He thanks them, and Heidi (Uli's mom) puts her hand on Vincent's forearm as a show of support. Adorable!

Nina tells Robert that making a tank dress for Patricia was an easy route. She's frustrated with him. They all wish that he'd used a print or something. Robert says that he was trying to make Patricia feel comfortable, and she even says that she loves the dress. The judges aren't buying it. Michael feels like it has no personality.

The next group comes onto the runway. Angela mentions that Lorraine wanted to emulate Audrey Hepburn. Nina thinks it looks too young. Joan and Michael don't see Audrey at all. I kind of disagree with them. Remember all of those Unicef-era tunics and slacks that she wore? Angela's outfit doesn't seem too far removed from that. Michael thinks it looks like Stevie Nicks, which I find funny.

Laura says that she tried to give Pam a grown-up sailor suit. Heidi says that it's well-made but unflattering. Pam says that she would wear the outfit to dinner, but -- like she would say anything else after Jeffrey's behavior. Michael thinks that the collar, scarf, and buttons on the design make Pam look older.

Jeffrey explains that Darlene has worked at the Salvation Army for two years. She has to correct him. She works at the Red Cross. Now I see where everything went wrong. Her dress would be a HIT at the Salvation Army. It's just not Red Cross material, though. God, I hate it when wires get crossed like that. How many people have to die before we start listening to each other? Jeffrey says that Darlene expressed "body consciousness" and wanted to be covered. Everything that comes out of his mouth sound so jerky. Heidi asks Darlene if she likes her outfit. She says that she and Jeffrey are different and "a lot was lost in translation." She feels matronly, and if she saw the dress in a department store, she would walk past it.

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