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Robert sees his sister, who was flown in from England. Hmm, he really got rid of his accent, didn't he? About his sister, he says, "Does she know the kind of humiliation she's gonna be in for?" Breaking the fourth wall again to say that, uh, no. I don't think these people know the sort of humiliation they're in for.

Laura is crying. She's already stressed and exhausted and seeing her mom just made her cry, she interviews. The mannequins are like, "You go ahead and cry, girl." Jeffrey points out his own mother, and Laura says, "I thought she'd have a mohawk." She doesn't, though. In fact, Jeffrey's mother seems quite conservative. She's lovely, though Jeffrey's disdain for his own eyebrows must be hereditary. Mom appears to have plucked all of hers out and drawn them in where she wanted them. I must say, this is a practice that I'm really glad to see has kind of faded in popularity. I'm not seeing a lot of younger ladies with bald eyebrows. This is a good thing. Visible butt-cracks? No. Laying off of the brows? Yes. Everybody gets a kick out of Laura's mohawk line and, by this point, most of the designers are misty-eyed from seeing their loved ones. Uli, in particular, appears really verklempt.

Heidi asks everyone if they are surprised. They are. The ladies introduce themselves -- Judy of Many Colors is Kayne's mom, Darlene refers to her daughter Angela as "delightful," Patricia is Vincent's sister, Pamela is Michael's mom, Teresa is Robert's sister, Pam is Jeffrey's mom, Heidi is Uli's mom, and Lorraine is Laura's "proud" mom (she's gay?). Okay it's patronizing to say this, but they are so cute! It's like they've come to watch their kids at school, which is kind of adorable.

So the moms and sisters are the models, but Heidi drops the bomb that the designers can't work with their own family members. I'm already starting to feel a little uncomfortable. Why can't they? I guess if someone used their mom or sister as a model on a regular basis, they might have some kind of advantage; but aside from Robert's sister -- who is pretty and young and has a cute figure -- none of the moms or sisters look like a prototype for any of the designers' intended customers. I guess you could argue that Laura's mom might wear some of Laura's clothes, but that's mainly because Laura's designs are pretty classic and could probably be worn by a wide range of ladies. Otherwise, it doesn't look like the designers are normally creating looks with their moms in mind. My point? It seems like bringing on everyone's immediate family member and then making them work with another designer is a device -- not to create an even playing field, but to ratchet up the tension. I'm already having visions of someone being mean to another person's mom (fourth wall down -- I'm fucking right). It makes me super-uncomfortable, because I personally can't think of many more situations where I could completely and without composure lose my shit than if someone were rude to my mom in front of me. And with the bitches in that kennel? Hell no! I'd already be angry from just imagining what someone might say around her. Now, I might feel that a little intensely, but I know I'm not alone. My best friend almost took out a cab driver a couple of weeks ago when her folks were in town because the cabbie hit her mom with his car door. Of course, it's not odd to get upset about someone you love getting mistreated, but she's normally fairly peaceful. ... Well, that's not true, but she's little, and she tried to beat up a cab driver. I'm just saying people are sensitive about their moms.

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