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Everyday Woman

Heidi leaves the runway with the models, telling the designers that Tim will fill them in on the details of the challenge when they are back in the workroom. In the workroom, the models have apparently been released again, and they get a little face time with their family members. Everybody's hugging and talking excitedly. Uli and her mom are crying because, as Uli tells us in an interview, they haven't seen each other in a year. It's very sweet. They seem close.

Michael gets to show his mom his challenge-winning designs, and she remarks that she likes the "hot pink." So much for it being fuchsia. Michael interviews that his mother has always been very supportive of his design endeavors. He tells us that he's a mama's boy. Is this guy running for president? He's a dream. So sweet, loves his mom, takes up for hoes -- put him on the ticket!

Tim enters and asks everyone to gather 'round. He tells them that he has a surprise for them. Everyone has been invited to a "special event" hosted by this challenge's guest judge. It's happening right now. He takes them to Tavern on the Green, New York City's most overrated tourist destination. They're probably going to The Phantom of the Opera later. Their hosts are Michael Kors and his mother, Joan. I'll be damned if Joan Kors isn't being played by Cheri Oteri. Joan is amazing. She sounds like she's been smoking Virginia Slims since she was 12, and looks like she hasn't missed a day under a tanning lamp since the Berlin Wall came down. God bless her, it's amazing. She looks like she's an agent or something. Like she could CRUSH YOU. In fact, something about her presence almost makes Michael Kors, who is standing beside her, seems kind of delicate. They are the tannest family in America. Even if they have a third family member who is albino and you had to average that person's lack of tan into the equation -- tannest family in America, the Korses. Michael Knight interviews that he could see the resemblance, and he can tell that Michael Kors is a mama's boy like him.

Michael Kors tells everyone that his mother has been a great influence on how he feels about "how people get dressed." Sometimes she tells him that he's losing his mind. I guess that's when she doesn't like an idea of his. Or maybe when he toys with the idea of not getting highlights. The designers all get a chuckle out of this. Laura seems kind of collegiate while standing with her mother. Then there's a canned moment of Michael popping open a bottle of champagne. Can I see a show of hands of who is over the Project Runway staged champagne toast?

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