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Everyday Woman

Tim takes everyone back to the workroom. Vincent interviews that he thinks this will be a fun but difficult challenge. Tim explains that the challenge is to create a look for the everyday woman that would "fit the day-to-day lifestyle of your new client." However, it should be fashion-forward and reflect the designer's identity. They will have thirty minutes to talk with their clients and one day to finish the design. KoMC says, "Dear Jesus," and Robert imitates him with, "Sweet Jesus." Just seemed kind of funny, thought I'd throw it in there.

As everyone starts planning and talking with their new clients, we see an interview with Robert where he says that this challenge is difficult because, when working with "everyday women," they are not model-size. So he can't just work from the dress form -- he has to work with the individual. Robert is wearing a t-shirt that reads, "You Look Hotter Online." Apparently, he dates like he prefers to design. The mannequins are all, "Friendster is over!" Patricia, Vincent's sister, tells Robert that she likes a kimono look, which Robert seems enthusiastic about. He interviews that he explained to Patricia that he's fighting the perception of being boring with his designs. "So, I'm gonna put you in head-to-toe zebra print with a sign that says, 'Stop picking on Robert.' As long as you're cool with that."

Angela consults with Lorraine. Lorraine mentions "casual elegance" and "Audrey Hepburn-ish" as her style goals. She tells Angela that she is open to anything that Angela thinks is good. She interviews that she wants Laura to win, but would do nothing to hurt Angela's chances. They don't really seem like a bad match.

KoMC tells Michael's mother, Pamela, that he wants to make something that won't look like you could "go out and buy it." He interviews that he knew he would like her because she was wearing the brightest colors onstage and had rhinestones on her shoes. He's so sweet. He says that when he was 310 pounds (can you believe it?!), he could never find stylish clothes. Pamela is "not a size 2. She's not even a size 10. But she's gorgeous." All of these ladies are getting measured right now, and I can't imagine it's a fun experience for the largest of them. Maybe they don't care, though. In which case, more power to them.

Vincent discovers that Uli's mom, who is from Germany, Europe, "has this European air about her." He decides on a simple dress with a modern lapel, in black and tan. There seems to be a little bit of a language barrier, but it's anyone's guess as to whether it's the English/German divide or the Crazy/Sane difference that's causing the problem.

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