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Laura tells Pam that her measurements are really good. Pam is relieved, since she just got back from a cruise. She hasn't eaten in the past four days, she says. At first, I thought she was making an allusion to some sort of Montezuma's Revenge, but I was wrong. I've never been on a cruise, but apparently they feed you all the time. So, she was worried about having gained weight. Laura decides to use the cruise-ship aesthetic as her theme. She's going to use sea-foam green and cobalt blue. Laura wonders aloud what Jeffrey is designing for Darlene. His mother replies, "I just hope he keeps her in mind." Something tells me that Pam didn't like the fashion-forward bustier and shredded leather skirt that Jeffrey made for her for Mother's Day 1989.

Jeffrey is measuring Darlene. (Gingerly bringing down fourth wall again: I have to admit something a little odd. I've been kind of pissed off at Jeffrey for his behavior, but on watching this a second and tenth time, Darlene is a little annoying right here.) She informs Jeffrey that "you usually leave a little extra" at the bust line. Jeffrey just explains that he needs a true measurement, but will certainly make room where it should be. Darlene interviews that she is fairly traditional and that Jeffrey "stands out in a crowd." She explains to Jeffrey that, because of her size (which is round-ish and fairly short), she likes the "simplicity of a long dress." Jeffrey interviews that this is out of his realm because he's never made anything for a woman Darlene's size. "I just don't do it. I haven't done it." Darlene suggests a jacket, but Jeffrey abruptly says he doesn't like the idea. He doesn't want to start something that he can't finish. Didn't he say at some earlier point that jackets were his "thing"? I can't imagine doing something besides your "thing" would be any easier. It's almost like he's angry with Darlene, which is a totally childish reaction to this whole thing. She's just telling you what she wants, dickweed. Darlene tells Jeffrey that she feels bad and like she wants to cry because he thinks she's limiting him. Hopefully it was Project Runway's decision not to show Jeffrey telling her that that was ridiculous and of course she's not limiting her. Otherwise: asshole.

At Mood, Robert gets red and black fabric, because Patricia said those were her favorite colors. He interviews, "Here I go again with boring colors." But...he did go again with the boring colors. It seems weird that he would know that it was a mistake and still go through with it. That doesn't seem like a smart choice (fourth wall firmly in place).

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