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Everyday Woman

Uli chose a print for Judy of Many Colors, "to slim her down." Are prints usually slimming? Uli loves those damn prints, doesn't she? Darlene said that she liked dark purple and dark green, but Jeffrey couldn't find any dark green fabrics. So he chose the next best thing: periwinkle. God, they're so much alike, they're practically interchangeable. Anyway, the periwinkle will serve to accent the dark purple and navy blue he is using for Darlene's dress.

In the workroom, everyone is trying to get to work. Laura interviews that the designers working with the larger models are "stumped." You know, none of these people complained this much about making clothes for fucking dogs. It's really ridiculous the way they're acting. You'd think someone asked them to perform some sort of surgery. They're big ladies, not neurology.

Robert and Jeffrey bitch about how they don't know anything about how to design for "this kind of body." Vincent interviews that some of the designers are unhappy because they are used to designing for "lean models, with perfect 25-inch waists." He thinks a designer should be able to compensate for "real women," because they will ultimately be wearing their clothes. And...Vincent just said something really reasonable. You could argue that Jeffrey doesn't really have any interest in dressing the everyday woman, so why should he be good at it? I'd say that he's wasting his time on this show, then. You don't really need the exposure that a reality TV show provides in order to sell one-of-a-kind garments. Your energy would be better spent catering to that boutique audience. Seeing someone design a dress out of shower curtains on TV is probably not going to convince Tinsley Mortimer to buy a $30,000 ball gown from him. However, you might be compelled to buy a $100 top at Macy's from him. And you're going to want to sell a lot of those tops. And some bigger ladies are going to be some of those customers. My point is that it's shortsighted for him to think that he's not going to have to design for anyone but those with perfect figures. And if he's dead set on not dressing the chubby? It was even more shortsighted for him to come on this show in the first place. Robert, too.

Michael decides to make a shirtdress for Teresa. Then he decides to also make it reversible.

The designers are all scurrying around. At one point, KoMC comments that the pants he has made for Pamela are "damn cute." Tim enters and tells them that the models are there "to check on your progress." The moms and sisters start filing in.

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