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Everyday Woman

Judy of Many Colors likes what Uli is making. Uli interviews that she has never designed for a "fuller woman." She wanted something "floaty" and she "put the elongate her body." Whoozit -- stripes? Elongate? This does not sound good.

We see Vincent hold his design up to Heidi and tell her, "Stay, stay, stay." She replies, "Yes, I will stay." She's really cute, Uli's mom. Vincent says that he knows that he's going to make Heidi feel very good, and that she's comfortable with him "in spirit." And we're back to Crazytown. We see Heidi tell Vincent, "I don't understand anything." She doesn't know how lucky she is to not understand English at this moment.

Lorraine tells Angela in front of Tim that she thinks one of the fabrics she has chosen is "too much color" for her. Angela says, "Okay," and switches out the fabric. Tim tells Angela that she is lucky to have a client with a point of view. He adds that Angela needs to "deliver to Lorraine" but still be true to herself. Lorraine thinks that she may have intimidated Angela, because of her strong opinions about her own style. Hmm, that sounds like a certain baby factory we know.

Tim talks to Darlene at Jeffrey's workspace, sans Jeffrey. He asks her if she is happy with Jeffrey's decisions, and she tells him she is concerned that the colors might be matronly, which is something she tries to avoid. She refers to the periwinkle as "powder blue" and says that it's something she has never worn before. Tim looks a little concerned. He asks her if she told Jeffrey that she was disappointed in the color. "No, he doesn't know." As Darlene is confirming for Tim that the design is not going in the direction she thought it would, Jeffrey arrives. He seems surprised that he's talking to Darlene without him there. Tim says, "I took the advantage of talking to Darlene without you." Faint laughter from Darlene and Jeffrey. Tim tells Jeffrey that Darlene is "ambivalent about the color." She's totally avoiding eye contact with him. You can tell he's immediately defensive, which may just be the product of it being a Tim Gunn Session, but it seems focused on Darlene. "Are you talking about this color?" he says. She totally doesn't want to look at him. Maybe that's because she feels a little guilty about talking a little smack about his design without him there. Or maybe it's because he seems really hostile. He tells Tim in a faux-calm way that the colors that "Darlene gave" him were dark purple (which is present in the design) and dark green, "which didn't look good together." I thought he didn't have any dark green choices? He said his choices of fabric in dark green were "nil." Jeffrey interviews that Darlene was setting him up.

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