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Zac likes the texture of Chris' dress, but he doesn't think it's effective in a fantastical way. Chris points out that parade floats are his specialty, but he was trying to go in a different direction. Michael thinks that Chris edited intelligently. Nina thinks that the dress could be in Elle.

Heidi says that Sweet P's dress was boring. Nina says that it looked easy, and Sweet P explains that she had to start over. Nina still thinks it looked sad. Ouch.

As judging commences, Michael says that he thinks the designers had fun with this challenge. As Chris is putting away some chocolate backstage, Michael points out that, though they often question Chris' taste level, he sent out a sophisticated and well-edited design. Rami's design made Michael smile. Zac points out that Rami had been so meticulous as to line up the pattern of his pleats where even the hidden fabric was uniform. They felt that Jillian's design was chic and sexy-- and kudos for using edible stuff -- but that Elisa's dress was boring and dull. Zac found Victorya's design uninspiring. There was no effect to Sweet P's design.

The designers return to the stage. Commercials! The question this week was, "Which challenge has been your favorite?" a) Hershey's, b) Menswear, c) Sarah Jessica Parker. I'm going "C." America goes "A."

We're back! Chris is in. The winner of the challenge is...Rami! He's the first person to win two this season, and he has immunity for the next challenge. Jillian is in. Victorya is in. Heidi says that they were disappointed in Elisa's sad brown dress. She tells Sweet P that her dress was uninspired and boring. Sweet P

Elisa thanks everyone for the opportunity, then she says some foreign words. She says that she feels "fortified" from the experience, even being eliminated, because experience like this evolve us. She is crying backstage and tells everyone that she's crying because she's leaving them. She interviews that all of the other designers contributed to helping her grow. They were the true judges and she "passed that test." That's such a nice attitude. I don't care if she's crazy, I really loved Elisa. She says she's blessed that she gets to make new work. Goodbye, Elisa. And look BOTH ways before crossing the street.

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