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At the runway, Heidi walks in carrying that button bag. Her lipstick is really red and it looks so pretty. I talked to someone recently that said they'd seen Mrs. Seal without her make-up and she didn't look good. I have to believe that that's total bullshit. Look at her! I have undefined contempt for Heidi (really, I don't know what it is -- but something this season is bothering me about her) and I still can't deny that she is seriously one of the prettiest people ever, right up there with Michelle Pfeiffer circa Grease 2.

Before she talks about the challenge, all of the designers will have a chance to choose their models anew. The girls walk out. Heidi reminds all of us that the winning model will get a spread in Elle. Speaking of which, has anyone checked out Elle lately? It's looking pretty good. Since the models weren't used in the last challenge, we have 12 models and only 10 designers. 2 models will be sent home. Since Christian won the last challenge, he chooses first. Goodbye, Lisa -- he's going with Lea. Wow, Lea certainly is the hot property, isn't she? This is the third time that she has been chosen over a designer's previous model. Ricky took her from Elisa, Jack took her from Ricky, and now Christian's got her. Oh, the stories she could tell! Christian interviews that Lea is one of the top models there. Christian then mouths what I swear was, "I love you, boo boo," to Lisa who weakly smiles and mouths back, "It's okay." I love that she has to comfort him. "I dumped you -- make me feel better about it." Jesus, that sounds like I have issues.

Kit stays with Marie. Jillian stays with Lauren, and she chooses her like a robot. With Stephen out of the way, Jillian's freaky is really starting to show. She's all Starman and is unfamiliar with the odd ways of your planet. Sweet P is next to choose and is thrilled, for once, to not be the last person whose button is pulled from the bag. She stays with Katie. Victorya stays with Jacqueline. Elisa stays with Aviva. Chris stays with Marcia. That girl is lucky. Because they didn't use the models last week, she didn't have to face a model-choosing with her designer eliminated. Rami decides that he would like to make a change and chooses Sam. He doesn't even acknowledge Ashley, which I guess I don't mind too much. It's seems a little insincere the way these guys cry all over themselves when they change models. Kevin stays with Amanda and seems relieved that no one else chose her. And, it's down to Ricky; he gets to choose among Ashley, Lisa, and Christina (Jack's model). With a teary eye (really, though, does he have any other sort of eye?), Ricky chooses Lisa. As Ashley walks off the runway, we see Rami touch his mouth. I think we're supposed to believe this a moment of angst he's having over setting the wheels of Ashley's elimination into motion, but it looks more like he just remembered a funny joke.

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