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The show begins with Ricky's design. It's a bubble skirt made of fabric with the Hershey's bar label on it. The bodice is a strapless corset of silver. It fits her really well, though the bubble skirt is a bit yesteryear. Ricky is very happy with the design and is glad that he got to have a lot of fun with it. I wonder if he was so happy that he cried.

Next up is Chris' design, worn by Marcia. It's a short dress with long vertical panels of logo-printed fabric that create a strapless bodice. Below the bodice is short brown skirt. It's interesting because the panels have a lot of visual texture, but you really can't tell they are logos. It's the kind of dress that would get more interesting the more you look at it. Otherwise, it's a pretty simple design, but ingenious for the use of the logos.

Next is Kit's design. It's got a cool punk rock feel. It's a strapless bodice of Kit Kat wrappers that is laced up in the back. The skirt is made from Hershey's bar wrappers and is very stiff and resembles a punk leather skirt. She's wearing a studded belt that adds to the look. Marie looks awesome, and Kit is very happy because it's fun and conceptual. Agreed.

Uh-oh, here's Elisa's dress. It's not good. It's a brown felt dress with an attempt at a sweetheart neckline with brown straps. There are tufts of pink, blue, and silver fabric at the top of each boob, and it looks like Aviva stuffed her bra and the stuffing's coming out. There are two freestanding silver puffed sleeves worn at the elbows. They are wrong. The hem of the skirt is asymmetrical. Elisa is very happy because she wanted to create something macabre and Gretel-like. Sure. Gosh, I really like Elisa -- I like weirdos -- but that dress is bad.

Here's Kevin's design. It's a brown pencil skirt, with a little silver showing at the bottom. There's a silver bodice and a short brown bolero jacket over the top. It looks really good, and I can't tell what kinds of materials were used. It just looks like a sexy, smart design. Kevin likes it -- he didn't want to be gimmicky. He just wanted to make something nice.

Next is Christian's design. It's a halter dress with a high collar...covered in Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers. It looks good. It's not amazing, but it looks good and it looks like Christian. He thinks it looks like him as well.

Sweet P's design is next. It's a short white voluminous skirt and a strapless silver bodice. And that's really it. It fits Katie well, but it's pretty bland. Sweet P says that she is happy with the design because it lends lightness to the proceedings.

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