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Rami's dress is next. There's so much going on that it's hard to catch all of it. Slow down, Sam! It's a halter dress made of silver and red fabric. The bodice has some red pleather fabric that creates a sort of wrap in the front. The skirt is pleated to within an inch of its life. I don't know how he did it. This shit looks good. He's very happy with it and said he saw it catch Zac Posen's attention. Love is in the air.

Here's Jillian's outfit and, unless some Twizzlers start flying, it looks pretty damn good. It reminds me of that motorcycle outfit from the George Michael "Too Funky" video, though without the handlebars. She used red and black Twizzlers to create the bodice. The black is used as a border and it ends in a ram's head circle over the bust. There's a vertical panel of skin showing in the front of the bodice that's very sexy. The skirt is short and red and the Twizzlers create a lot of movement. This design is hot!

Victorya's dress is next and it's a wreck. It's an apron dress with silver and white ruffles everywhere. It's asymmetrical and doesn't fit well. And, to top it off, Victorya has instructed her model to walk like an "ice princess," which means walking stiffly with her arms straight to the side. That would also be the walk of a "this-dress-is-going-to-fall-apart princess." I would not want those two versions of royalty to get confused by the judges.

With all of the designers onstage, Heidi calls Ricky, Christian, Kit, and Kevin. They're all safe and leave the runway. The models of the others return. Heidi asks Rami what materials he used. For the top, he used a Twizzlers plastic pillowcase. Um, plastic pillowcase? Wouldn't that suffocate you? It's like, "For my ski mask, I used this plastic bag." He used York wrapping paper for the skirt. Zac thinks the dress worked, and Michael found it charming.

Elisa says that she was trying to make a beautiful, sexy dress that felt like candy but wasn't made of candy. Michael thinks it's bland and joyless. Zac says, "There's no joy of candy!" He doesn't think it works.

Zac likes licorice! And red! Nina thinks Jillian's dress is sexy and fits well. Michael giggles to himself and says that it looks "deliciously chic." In fact, Jillian says that the outfit does smell very good.

Victorya says that her dress is totally wearable, and Michael puts the smackdown on her. He says there is no way she would wear that dress. Heidi says she looks like she works at the Dairy Queen. I'll be damned if Heidi Klum Seal has ever set foot in a Dairy Queen. She says that the dress has nothing to do with candy, but Dairy Queen is at least sweet, right? They think the walk of the model was wrong. Zac points out that, if she was going for wearable, an ice princess presentation is not going to be very accessible.

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