by Mindy Monez September 3, 2008
The Christian Siriano Interview TWoP: Your styles are very different.

CS: It is very different. And even Rami's is really different, but I just felt like I competed with him way more than I ever competed with Jillian.

TWoP: He's kind of intense.

CS: Yeah, he really is.

TWoP: She's more chill.

CS: She's mellow, yeah. And Chris, like, he's great and I love him and he's super funny, but fashion-wise I never really thought of him as a fashion designer; I still think of him as a costume designer, even to this day, which is great. What he does, costume-wise, is fabulous.

TWoP: I read that you're going to be doing Emmy red carpet?

CS: Yeah! I'm doing a bunch of stuff for Emmys.

TWoP: For TV or online, or what?

CS: It's for Access Hollywood. Or no, it's for Extra! And then I'm doing something for E! News. I'm doing a bunch of stuff for Emmys, but the rest of the stuff I can't say what it is yet, but it's going to be really good! It's gonna be a looong Emmy week, let me tell ya!

TWoP: Who are you excited to see on the red carpet? Who always wows you?

CS: I don't know! Who's going to be fabulous?

TWoP: Or who's awful? Who's boring?

CS: I know, who's trannie? God, who am I excited for? I mean, I guess everybody's going to be there, isn't that fabulous? I'm excited to see all the leading ladies.

TWoP: Are you going to be mean?

CS: No, I have to be really nice. I have to be nice, but I am doing "Best and Worst Dressed" with E!, so that'll be really good. I'm gonna dish.

TWoP: So what are your favorite shows? Besides Top Model?

CS: [Across the room, to his boyfriend.] What are my favorite shows?

Christian's Boyfriend: You like 30 Rock.

CS: I do like 30 Rock. I like that show, it's really funny. And, you know, I was a really big Project Runway fan, and I watch a lot of the Bravo shows, really I do. Top Chef I always got into, Top Model's great, I watched Grey's Anatomy so much, and Desperate Housewives I was really into, Brothers & Sisters I watch.

TWoP: How do you feel about Private Practice?

CS: Private Practice I don't love as much. What's really hot right now? Ooh! I like Dancing With the Stars, I know that's corny.

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