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At Mood, they have 30 minutes to shop. So, they're setting the stage for something. Michael interviews that he's always shopping around for ideas. Then, we see him studying Jerell's fabric choices. Rami says that his girl is going to a wine tasting with a friend. Back at the workroom, they get to work. Jerell's working on a coat to begin with. He says that Michael's a great designer and he's excited to see what he's going to make. Rami says that he's not intimidated by Mila because they have very different design aesthetics. Kenley's girl is going to Miami for Art Basel. Mondo thinks that Kenley is always making the same product under the guise of her "doing her." He thinks this is arrogant and she should at least try to make something new. I don't know if it's as serious as all that. Kenley asks Michael who his girl is and he says that she's going to fuck up Austin's girl in the country. Heh. Austin hears and shakes his head in dismay. Oh ladies. Michael's first attempt doesn't work for him. He's not sure what to do.

Mondo is really stumped. He asks Mila if he should make a miniskirt and she makes a face that is completely negatory. Jerell gets Kenley to try on his coat so that he can check the length of his sleeves and she wears it for like five seconds before complaining about how hot it is. Once that's over, Jerell notices that now Michael is making a coat that looks a heck of a lot like his. He asks slyly, "Where's you get the inspiration for that shape, Michael?" He replies that he looked over at Jerell's mannequin and took his inspiration from his design. Funny. He asks Jerell where he got his inspiration and he says that he came into the workroom with it. Mondo rings a fake bell to indicate that this round is over.

Here's Joanna. She starts with Kara and Austin. Kara describes a high-waisted pant that Joanna feels will be fashion-forward. She likes Austin's color palette. Mondo and Kenley are her next victims. Mondo says that his girl is a girl version of himself attending his mother's 60th birthday party, which he is missing that day. Joanna says that wouldn't the greatest gift be winning the challenge? Sure, the lady has slogged through 60 freaking years on this planet and THAT'S what she wants as a gift- her kid making an outfit for a woman going away somewhere for the weekend. When I'm 60, I'm just going to be happy if someone gets in the fast line at the DMV that day. Big dreams. She notices that Mondo is using polka dots, which she finds funny since she considers Kenley to be the "polka dot queen." Mondo agrees with this but says that he is the "polka dot princess." With Mondo's approach, it doesn't feel like he's copying Kenley but rather being aggressively competitive and trying to upstage her in her own wheelhouse. Can't really blame him for that. And it is summer, after all. Joanna calls it The War of the Polka Dots. She really likes Mila's pants and calls them her signature piece. These people really eat up praise from her. Rami is using a chartreuse that matches what Joanna is wearing! Mila thinks there's too much volume for the season.

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