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On the runway, Angela greets the designers while wearing a really gorgeous violet dress. She introduces Georgina and Isaac (who says "How are ya', kids?") and Cynthia Rowley. She's a perfect judge for this. The show begins with Spring. Both looks walk out onto the stage. Austin's look is "the oldest Golden Girl" according to Jerell. He's really not that far off base. This look, while impeccably made, would make Lilly Pulitzer look like Cher at the Oscars. Pleated khaki slacks (again beautifully made) topped by a floral print blouse and a pink cardigan with floral print trim. I almost think that this could be salvaged if not for the cardigan. It's just so old. On a pretty young thang like his model, it barely dances with a retro/ironic idea, which would still be pretty tired. I don't even think that's the intention though. Kara's look is her best work since she has been on this season. She made white wide-legged slacks with a fuchsia top and a long metallic silver cardigan. It's really gorgeous and relaxed and rich-looking. She hopes that the judges see her color sensibility.

It's Summertime! Kenley's look is a pale blue and white polka dot fabric. She has made a short jumpsuit. The sleeves are slightly bubbled and there's a bow at the neck. I know that Kenley makes stuff like this fairly regularly but I still really like it. Though Jerell might disagree with me, I find it really feminine without being smothering. Kenley thinks she looks fresh and young. Mondo has made a pair of graphic black and white shorts that are tailored beautifully and paired them with a shapeless black and white polka dot top. The top is kind of meh, but the rest of the look is spot-on.

Here are Rami and Mila's looks. Rami made a lovely pair of gray slacks with a high-necked chartreuse blouse. Over the blouse is a blue cowl-necked wrap jacket with super-defined shoulders. It's a pretty beautiful look. Mila sends down the runway her signature slacks topped by a tan cape with black and red trim. It's not horrible. I'm not sure autumn in Marfa gets cold enough for this sort of thing, but whatevs. She says that she hopes that the judges see that she's making classic American sportswear with her own modern twist. Plus, this is a silhouette that they haven't seen from her (or anyone else this season) before.

And, it's tense Winter. Jerell is really happy with his look. It's a long cardigan-style coat in gray tweeds. Underneath is a bunch of black stuff. Michael made a similar coat. His is belted and chic. The styling is perfect. Thanks, Mondo!

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