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The designers return to the stage. Mila and Kara are safe. Jerell wins the challenge! Michael smiles for him and they seem to not hate each other. He interviews that, with a doppelganger on the runway, he's glad that the judges could see his authenticity. Angela tells Kenley that they really liked her look too. Michael and Mondo are safe. Really? I'm sorry, Rami doesn't really belong in super bottom. Angela tells Rami that there was too much draping in the neckline and it looked like he'd made a mistake on the shirt. She says that Austin missed the mark with styling again. Rami is out. Shut up. This is just silly. Austin gives Rami and hug and kiss before he leaves. Angela wishes him the best and this is the best thing about her presence on this show. I love how much compassion she shows to the eliminated designer. Rami interviews that the universe will take care of him. Seriously, do not wait around for the universe. The universe has a way of being busy when you need its attention. Trust me. We'll miss your arms, Rami.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong

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