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Carmen hasn't even started on her shirt yet. She's concerned that she won't have enough time to finish. Tim enters and sends in the models with only two hours to go. All of them are still hot.

Ricky actually asks his model to help him sew. So sad. He anticipates Michael Kors saying, "What is that?" Oh God, Sweet P made a blouse. It's a mess -- too tight for her model. She asks Chris if she should even send it down the runway and he replies, "Honey, there are way worse things going on around here than that." Perhaps? I don't know.

The models go through hair and makeup, and they actually get their fair share of make-up. I didn't really know that happened. That makes me feel kind of good. Victorya says that she is seriously panicking, but you really can't tell, because she has such a placid demeanor. Ricky pins his jacket onto his model. Sweet P's shirt is a DISASTER. Carmen is still sewing with two minutes remaining. Tim's like, "I'm worried." Carmen just drapes shirt fabric around the model's front like a shawl or a scarf -- no shirt. Christian thinks that this will be a hard challenge to judge, because so many of the garments are "jacked up." Commercials.

This week, America is asked, "Which other sports celeb would you want to dress?" The choices are A) David Beckham…we can stop there, can't we? Oh, there are more choices. B) Tony Hawk, C) Derek Jeter, D) Maria Sharapova.

On the runway, Heidi enters wearing this kimono/bathrobe get-up. It's really ugly and ill-fitted, which surprises me. Heidi? She introduces Michael Kors, Nina Garcia ("Hola!"), and Tiki Barber. His teeth are so white.

The show begins with Jillian's look, worn by Nelson. Jillian reminds us that she has never made menswear before. Her effort looks pretty nice. It's a black three-piece suit with slim slacks, and the shirt is a black pattern with a white collar. It's cute, except that the collar is splayed over the collar of the jacket. The model is wearing white shoes too, so I guess she was going for a more casual look, but it comes off dated. The fit of the suit is really nice, though. Jillian says that she's happy with her look.

Next comes Carmen's outfit, as worn by the Artful Dodger. Wait, that's Yaniv. It's very gay street urchin. The jacket is a take on an Eisenhower jacket, which I think looks pretty cool. There are a lot of problems with the fit, but I'm sort of enjoying the design. The pants are slim and seem to have a ton of fit issues in the crotch/waist region, and the shirt is nonexistent. Carmen says that she doesn't feel good about the absence of the shirt. Yeah, that's not good. I can't remember -- have we ever had someone walk down the runway without a shirt? I don't think so.

Here's Christian's design, worn by David. Okay, so it has become clear to me that a fast sewer does not necessarily make a nice design. I'm not loving this: it's a gray sport coat with a modern unstructured build. It tops a tan sweater and beige/tan slacks. The sweater has an off-center neck, with a slit that runs along the collarbone. Eh. The slacks fit well. Christian says it's the most interesting design and it fits the model well. Right on both points. I wouldn't necessarily say it's the "most" interesting, but it's definitely forward. And it fits beautifully. I guess not everything can be judged by your own tastes in what you would wear. That's so obvious -- I'm stupid for even saying it -- yet I feel enlightened. Thank you, Christian.

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