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Kit's outfit is the next on the runway, as worn by Ibrahim. It's really nice, a one-button navy fleece blazer over a classic white oxford shirt and khaki pants. Kit says she feels very confident, and the design is TV-friendly; I'm watching it on TV, and I agree. Can you believe these people made these designs in two days? It's crazy.

Here's Rami's outfit; Derek is wearing it. It's a casual/golf jacket paired with a light oxford shirt and navy slacks. It's really well made. The slacks do something a little funny to Derek's junk, but maybe he's toting a colostomy bag that we haven't been made privy to. Way to hang in there, Derek. …For real, though, something weird is happening at the crotch. Rami points out that it's not particularly formal. Yeah. Maybe Rami is just shooting for a safe, not-elimination-worthy design. I can't imagine anyone wearing this on the Today show.

Sweet P's design is next, worn by Marcus. Train wreck. The pinstripe slacks are nice and they fit Marcus like a glove. We hear her say that this is the worst thing she has ever made. She thinks that the shirt looks as if a kindergartner made it. I love her for saying this. The shirt is really blousy and has a collar that has just melted. And a tie that hangs to the knees. It's so bad. Tiki laughs as he jots down some notes on his red Project Runway cards. Sweet P should win just for getting a laugh out of this guy. She fake-shoots herself and says that she's embarrassed in front of her peers.

Next is Steven's design, worn by the scrumptious Paul. It's a dark brown, high-waisted, wide-legged trouser paired with a dark gray long-sleeved polo sweater. Steven has added a silver fabric to the side of the collar that is showing. To finish off the look, Paul is wearing a silver ascot. It's a lot of look, but it fits so freaking well. It helps that Paul is built like a brick shithouse. It helps a lot. He feels like he made something conservative that Tiki would like. Nicely done, Steven.

Victorya is not happy with her look, worn by Mike. The outfit is black slacks and a black t-shirt, with a white unstructured blazer on top. The collar of the blazer is upturned, revealing black liner below the collar, and there are two black buttons. Victorya doesn't think that it's well made, and she grimaces the entire time it's on the runway, but she's happy that she pulled it together and finished the look.

Next up is Kevin's look, worn by Thomas. It's what appears to be a pink pinstriped pattern on the slacks and vest. He has also made a pink oxford with a dark pink tie and pocket square. It's very "Smooth Criminal." The look is nice, but the fit is a little iffy. The shirt is a little too tight at the arms, the collar is popped up in what looks like an attempt to mask a defect, and the vest buttons at the top and kind of falls open at the waist. Kevin has good taste, though, it's clear. The back of the vest is silver, which is a nice touch. Kevin thinks the look is very sophisticated and European.

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