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The runway show is over and, with all the designers standing on runway, Heidi asks some people to step forward: Jillian, Christian, Rami, Steven, Victorya, Chris, and Elisa. They're safe and can leave the runway.

That leaves Carmen, Sweet P, Kevin, Kit, Jack, and Ricky as the top and bottom three. Their models return to the stage.

They start with Kit's design. Tiki likes it. He likes the texture of the jacket, but doesn't feel that it's "loud." Yeah, navy fleece certainly isn't loud. Michael thinks that she's lucky that it was made of fleece, because if it wasn't, he'd be all, "Give me Xanax, I'm asleep." You couldn't just say that it would bore you, could you, Michael? You've just got to make it about drugs. Get help, Kors. Nina likes the overall presentation, and Tiki thinks she "did well."

Tiki thinks Sweet P's design has style, but it's messy. Man, we get a full-on view of this look, and it's so bad. It's clownish. Heidi wants to know how Sweet P could let her model walk down the runway with "that mess around his neck." She takes off the tie to reveal how flat and screwy the collar of her shirt is. She tells them that it's totally messed up. Michael says that, though the tie is completely out of proportion, it's sewn well. Sweet P thinks so too, and she has never made one before. Well, Michael points out, if she ever meets someone who is 7'3", she'll have a tie for him. Funny.

They move on to Jack. Michael thinks that the slacks look nice, and he likes that the shirt is classic, but with a twist. Jack contrasted the bias of the stripe on the shirt pocket and the placket, and Michael likes that as well. Tiki likes that it's simple. Also, he likes the textures, but that the outfit is not "loud." Did he and Ginny really have to spend a long time figuring that stuff out? Nina points out that it's missing a vest. Heidi says she would rather see safe and perfect than three or four pieces that are a mess -- flash to Ricky and Sweet P.

Tiki says that he can't look like an idiot on the air. Cue: Ricky. Nina asks about the pins in the garment. Tiki says that it's sloppy. He couldn't wear it on the air. Nina is bored by the colors and she thinks it's dull. Ouch.

Moving on to Kevin. Tiki doesn't wear a lot of vests, but he likes this one. He likes that the pocket square and tie are interesting without being distracting. Important point; it wouldn't take much to distract me from what Tiki…hey, look at the pretty blue curtain behind Kevin! Michael suggests that maybe Kevin didn't have enough time to finish, pointing out that he pinned his vest. They ask him to unpin it, and they like it better that way. Heidi then says, contemptuously, that she wouldn't let her husband, international pop superstar Seal, wear that outfit. She thinks it's more David Beckham than Tiki. I think Seal would argue that he is more David Beckham than Tiki Barber, but maybe he doesn't argue with Heidi.

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