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Back at the runway, Kevin is in. The winner is: Jack! He curses and walks offstage. He does some cheerleader move backstage and hugs Kevin. He interviews that it's so "hot" that his design will be on the Today show. "My family is going to flip."

On the runway, Kit is told "good work," and that she's in. Sweet P is also in. She seems incredibly relieved. It's down to Carmen and Ricky. They both seem ashamed. Heidi says that Carmen had everything wrong, and that her model was half-naked. Carmen cringes. She tells Ricky that his presentation and construction were horrible, and the design in general was boring. Carmen is out, and Ricky STARTS CRYING. Carmen graciously thanks everyone for the opportunity, and leaves the runway. She interviews that it's easier to leave for something that is out of her realm of knowledge. She hugs everyone backstage, including Ricky. I'm glad they put their argument behind them. Tim comes in and deems the challenge "intense." Ricky's still crying. Carmen says that she regrets not getting to show everyone what an amazing designer she is, but she's happy with what she learned from the experience. Goodbye, Carmen! And good luck.

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