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Tiki opens the floor to questions. Kevin asks if Tiki like details. He loves details -- they convey personal style. Chris stealthily asks him to describe his favorite colors and outfits. It's like, "Describe what I should design for you. And the color." Tiki says he's not afraid of color; in fact, sometimes he'll wear pink and pastels. I can't even see Tiki right now, he's so fashion-forward. He's just a comet. Tiki says the color needs to accent the outfit, meaning don't make Tiki a damn pink suit. So, Tiki is incredibly handsome, but I'm shocked that he has a job as a correspondent on a morning show. He has the personality of a static-y AM radio. He says that he's looking forward to what the designers cook up. Tim wakes them and they return to Parsons.

They enter the workroom with Jack carrying Christian in a bag. Everyone seems to get a good laugh out of that, and Jack gets to juice his delts. Tim says that they have 30 minutes to sketch, 30 minutes at Mood, and $150 for supplies. They will have the rest of that day and all of the next to work. Jack asks if they can use the clothes they're wearing as references for their patterns. Tim says, "Of course." Not for any philosophical reason, but I'm surprised at that. I wouldn't think that a pre-existing pattern would be acceptable in the competition. Tim tells them to make it work, and then he's out of there.

People are having a hard time, which is actually putting it lightly. Most of them haven't designed menswear before. I'd imagine that, in addition to the technical challenges involved, this would also pose a huge stylistic challenge. You know, pockets and rise of pants and stuff like that. Sweet P is spazzing. Lots of head-scratching. Jillian reiterates that most of them haven't designed for men. Kevin also reminds us that most of them haven't designed for men -- but he has. He's going with a suit look, and he can't wait to see what happens. There's some measuring of inseams -- Steven keeps Chris from getting fresh. Jack likes his pants tight in the front.

Tim enters to take everyone to Mood. Once there, we see the usual mayhem. It's really not a surprise, but Rami knows his way around a fabric store. He's like a surgeon. A bald, haughty-voiced, sexy surgeon. Chris asks Tim if Tiki likes hot pants. Laughs all around. I don't see what's so funny; we know how progressive Tiki is. Jack tells Tim that he's freaking, and Tim responds, "You're freaking?" Tim just said "freaking." Weird. Don't make him do that again, designers.

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