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Kevin also decides to scale back. He's not making a jacket; he's making a vest instead. Jack decides he doesn't have time to make the vest that he had planned. He's going to stick to the slacks and shirt.

Ricky interviews that he tried to challenge himself and now he's completely fucked. He doesn't know what he's making. Then we see this weird moment at the sewing machines where Carmen sings, "Don't go home too soon! Don't go home too soon!" And Ricky replies, "Shut the fuck up!" in the same sing-songy voice. I don't really know where all of this is coming from. Then Carmen says she's about to snap, and Ricky invites her to go ahead. She says that she can't, "bitch," because he already told her that he wants her to shut the fuck up. Then Ricky sings, "Don't go home too soon!" to her and she says, "Wrong note, bitch. You hit a wrong note." That last part was amazing. You see? We haven't seen the right side of Carmen yet. This is her, not fake-crying on the runway. Sweet P tells them both not to bite. I feel bad for them. They're probably just tense and lashing out.

Steven interviews that, at the end of the night, it didn't look like anyone had much of anything completed. He likens it to the panic on the Titanic. Hi, that rhymes. That's going to be my electro-ambient band's name. Panic On The Titanic. Look out for us. …Oh, wait. Band name already taken. Thanks, Google.

The next morning, at the "New Gotham Apartments," Elisa does some yoga while Kit applies make-up to Sweet P. That must've been what she used to do "on set."

In the guys' apartment, Jack says that Sweet P has three quarters of a pair of pants and a tie. "It's gonna be way ghetto." Steven says, "It's time for a hangin'," as they leave for Parson's.

Jack gives Christian a piggyback ride into the workroom. Fun! Everyone starts jamming. Ricky says that he has a plan of attack, which is…to finish his garments. I'm sure it's more complicated than he's letting on. He says that he'll go balls-out, because if you're going to fail -- fail big. He also looks near tears while saying this.

Sweet P says that this is the hardest challenge she's ever had in her life. Jack's not having as much trouble; he thinks his shirt is adorable, and Kit thinks it's "rad." Jack repeats that he is not making his vest. He thinks it's a better idea to complete two well-made items. He feels good about his chances.

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