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Making a grand entrance is Christopher's ball gown. He really pulled it off and the full, feathered skirt is beautiful.

Ra'Mon's ensemble is next and I don't get it. It looks like he made the top and bottom with the same pattern, but somehow in different colors. Wow, it would have been nice to see how any of them did any of this stuff. I mean, they made clothing out of newspaper! Show how they did it, for at least one minute, damn. One minute less of Johnny whining would have been awesome.

I love Epperson's kimono-inspired A-line dress and how his model, Matar, is showing it. Like Logan's dress, I would love to see more of it, but we never do. They'd rather show us Johnny's awful thing, which looks like something off the Flintstones. He makes sure to add in his voiceover that he is sure his original dress would have gotten a better response.

Gordana is so happy about her dress, it makes me nervous. It looks very nice, really, but not overly exciting design-wise. Also, her model is so beautiful, but it's like she disappears on the runway somehow. Certainly that dress pales in comparison to Carol Hannah's, which is totally majestic coming down the runway. She's made a strapless gown with a skirt that has this really gorgeous structure to it, but is still full and feminine. And the dyeing she did on the paper worked superbly. It is really striking.

Shirin is happy with her geometric dress, but still nervous that it is going to fall off on the runway. It is a cool design, I think. I wish I knew the name of the type of pleat she used on the skirt. I want to say envelope pleat? I don't think that's right, though. In any case, it's cool, and Shirin is happy with the overall look, especially the makeup they used on her model, which included feather eyelashes. You know Nicolas has some of those.

Irina's cute coat is out next, and it looks truly chic on the runway. Her model is perfect for it, young and sophisticated looking, and the thing just really stands out. She crumpled paper into tiny balls to use all over the cowl neck and the sleeves, where fur would be on a real coat, and it looks very cute.

Althea's dress is absolutely gorgeous. The way she incorporated the image of the building over and over through the dress is amazing -- you see the image repeated, but then the whole dress somehow looks like a building. Really, it's kind of genius. "I like to design intellectually," she says in a voiceover. "I really try to make the body look good." Well, she succeeded, though I don't think there would be much that could make her model's body not look good.

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