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Normally I would close there, but y'all. Y'ALL. First of all, Johnny starts crying in his interview, which would be acceptable from a normal person, but from him feels like even more bad acting. "Giving up addiction was probably easier to do than this," he says, and I would like to choke him, myself. Backstage, Tim Gunn is quivering with rage. Where he would usually at least pretend to be sad and hug the departing designer as he sends him to clean up his stuff, this time he barely even LOOKS at Johnny. Instead, he shoots his cuffs in constrained fury, and gives him a "you take care" of complete dismissal. When Johnny is gone, Tim can no longer contain his anger. "I am incredulous," he says, "of that utterly preposterous spewing of fiction that Johnny did on the runway." Many voices jump in to agree, and Nicolas says he's sorry, but he just snapped and couldn't take it anymore. "It was ridiculous," Tim adds, and who could say it better? Johnny says some other ludicrous stuff in a final interview, of course in tears, and finally, he is gone.

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