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At her station, tiny Shirin has decided to paper mâché a bodice and create "some crazy, origami-esque skirt" to go with it. Well, she got the crazy part, down. She's over there talking to herself, singing, using weird voices... maybe she was sniffing too much of the paper mâché glue? Everyone seems to be pretty irritated by it. "I don't think I've ever really met a small woman like that," Logan says, cheerfully, in an interview, "that makes so much noise." Nicolas is not quite so charmed. "I know we're kind of the same age," he says, "but it just makes me feel like, I'm 40 around her. She turns into this 11-year-old kid who will just not shut up." We see Shirin asking the whole, stressed-out group if any of them have named their mannequins. "Be quiet, you know?" Nicolas says to the camera. "Just sit there and do your work." Teeny bird people have a lot of energy, y'all. It is how they survive in the wild. They have to move fast while the rest of us lumber around them.

Speaking of birds, Johnny's inspiration is also origami. He smugly tells Christopher that his idea is to put together a wrap dress and have large origami birds on the shoulder that appear to be holding it up. Now, I realize as I type that that the weird part sounds like the shoulder birds, but actually the birds look like they might end up being cool. It's the dress that's a tragedy. Nicolas interviews that as he watches Johnny drape it, it just looks more and more awful -- especially when Johnny decides to paint it red. "This is just some wrinkled up paper," Nicolas says in an interview, "with pig's blood all over it." Based on what we can see, I have to agree. The paper is super-wrinkled, and the shape is not cleanly defined at all. And, yes, the dye is a mess. Nicolas, however, has little room to talk. He has like, a single triangle of paper on the shoulder of his mannequin. Look to your own house, FP.

Tim arrives at the workroom to find various craziness in progress. Ra'Mon has been inspired by cubism and origami and is folding and refolding things based on color patterns he's picked up in the paper itself. He's excited by the challenge, but nervous about what he'll end up with. Louise has decided, she says in an interview, to decoupage a dress made of headlines she's torn out of the paper. Oh, Louise. This is not third grade. Doesn't that sound like an elementary school project? Come on, girl.

Tim checks in with Gordana, who says she is creating two garments. She shows him her sketches, one of which is a sheath dress that she says will talk about what's going on in the world today. Apparently she intends to convey this by painting the words "time to change" on it. Okay. Tim very kindly says he has great respect for the idea, and gets that it's about a political statement. However, he says, looking at the sketch, the design is very ho-hum. The thing is, Gordana has already created another garment -- a sleeveless dress with short, full skirt in two layers. It appears she's folded the whole thing out of pages that contained a lot of color, and has used those colors to create a fabric design. It's so well crafted, she did not even use muslin for an infrastructure. "I love you," Tim says. Heee. The ultimate compliment. If Tim Gunn said that to me I would burst into tears. Gordana is very grateful and takes his advice to put her energy into the dress she's already working on, rather then the sheath. "What a great way to start," Tim says to himself, and heads off to see Althea.

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