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We see Nicolas evilly cackling in the background, but his time is coming. Actually, Tim thinks he has a good trajectory going on his design, but thinks he should work to avoid looking costume-y. I can't get a really good look at the dress, yet, but it almost looks like he is going for a red, white and blue design the way he has folded the paper. Somehow I doubt Nicolas is working on a patriotic design.

The naïve, but seriously adorable Christopher is hard at work on his design. "I wanted, like, a showstopper," he tells Tim. "Good God!" Tim responds, and says he does think Christopher will have a showstopper, if only he has time to get it made. Christopher excitedly details his plan, but Tim stops him. "The last thing you need to do is talk to me," he says. "So, DO it! I can't wait to see this." Before leaving, he adds to all the designers that he is impressed and inspired by their work and cannot wait to see the finished products.

Well, it is 8:30. Johnny says in an interview that after he threw the dress away, he had all these squares of paper he had cut for the origami birds, so he decided to do something with them The squares are obviously cut from the same ad or photo in multiple papers, so they seem to be identical. He says he's just praying something good comes out of it. Why didn't he just stick with his original idea? It was cool enough, right? I mean, it just looked like the dress he made at first was not working out, mostly because of the paint job he gave it.

Meanwhile, Irina has abandoned her two awful dresses, as well, and is working on her original idea of a shawl collar trench coat. She had been too afraid to do it, she says in an interview, until Tim mentioned the famous paper coat of the '60s. "I thought, you know what? If it was made, then it's possible, and I could do it," she says. All well and good, but, isn't the point that she was supposed to have the confidence and creativity to take that chance in the first place? Anyway, what she's making seems pretty cool. I don't know how she's getting it to hang so nicely, but the coat is a very flattering shape, so far, on the mannequin.

Nicolas is continuing his work on his dress, which he says is inspired by the punk kids he knew in the '90s. So far, it looks pretty cool, from the split-second we see it. It does have stripes, but it does not look quite so patriotic as I thought before. Much ironing, slicing and pasting continues to go on around the workroom. Althea is using a repeating image of a building she found in one section of the paper to build her dress. It already looks great.

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