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Johnny, as you might have guessed, is circling the drain. He doesn't like what he's got left to work with, and why he won't just change his plan again, I don't know, because he's right -- it looks awful. It's like tiled squares of the same photograph glued together with a belt of folded over paper? Awful.

The models arrive to be fitted. All of them seem really excited by the challenge and much OMG-ing goes on on all sides. Irina is now recognizing the challenge of making this belted paper coat moveable enough for her model to walk in and not rip it. Shirin's geometric, pleated skirt is really heavy, she says in an interview, and she is worried the bodice she's making for it will not hold it up. Why not just make them separate pieces?

No time to wonder about that, though, because the single-piano-note of doom is foretelling Johnny's rapid descent into emotional hostage-taking. His victim tonight is Emarie, his poor model. Bless this chick's heart, I don't know how she is handling it. Johnny is feeling all disappointed in himself, and throws away the only cool part of his design that remains -- the big origami birds. Instead of working on a solution to any of this mess, he flops down in a chair and whines to Emarie about how much he hates everything. And instead of fabricating something new to replace the junk he's glued together, he fabricates a tale of doom about how a steamer had ruined the dress when he tried to iron it. When I first watched this, I could not BELIEVE that he was lying about the first dress. Yet, on second viewing, I think maybe it isn't clear which dress he's talking about at this moment. However, he seems to be moving ahead with the second dress, so surely he means the first one. Plus, the look on Nicolas's face as he sits nearby and eavesdrops is pure "bitch, please!" Nicolas, in an interview: "He just starts spewing this whole sob story how the whole thing was ruined by a steamer... we didn't even have a steamer in the sewing room that day!" The FP is outraged, y'all! His feathered hair is flying. Shirin, also, is appalled. "Basically," she interviews, "Johnny tore up his first dress just because Tim Gunn came and said it was pretty bad." If the show's producers are editing these stories and reactions to make it sound to the viewers like Johnny is lying, when he is not, that is pathetic. However, since Johnny seems pretty confused about reality, himself, I feel like yes, he's a big ol' lying liar. Who tells lies. And who wouldn't take responsibility for his own shit if you paid him. He dramatically sighs that he'll figure it out, he guesses, and the models all head out the door.

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