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The designers now have like, two hours left, and everyone continues to work hard. Except Johnny, natch. "Towards the end of the night, I'm really tired," he says in an interview, "and I hate what I've done, so... I start doing a crossword puzzle." I get really excited for a second because, hey, this guy is talented, and how awesome would it be for him to rip everything apart and suddenly throw together a brilliant crossword-inspired ensemble. I was born into a family of mad crossworders, and would love to see such a creation. Have y'all seen that movie, Wordplay, speaking of crosswords? Total nerd brilliance.

No one in the workroom would have a hard time giving you a six-letter word for "whiney dumbass," for sure. Even Minnesota Nice Christopher says everyone is getting tired of Johnny's "attatoood." They all apparently agree that he has a lack of passion and a lack of follow-through on his designs. At least the second part of that is very clear. I don't want to like, have a meeting up in here, and I know he says he is in recovery for his own addiction, but the way he acts (on this TV show which is totally skewed and edited, so whatever, I actually know nothing about him) is typical adult child of an alcoholic behavior. Anyway.

Finally, the day is over and everyone drags themselves back to their apartments. Ra'Mon is trying to talk to Johnny and Logan about how he is enjoying the challenge of making something with paper, but Johnny has to cut in. "Tim tore my ass apart!" he says. "The first dress I did? Oh, my God!" Ra'Mon asks then if he has a whole new piece. Johnny says yes, all new, and then... again, this is upsetting because watching it for the second time, when he starts talking about the steamer and how when he was ironing "it," there was sputtering and whatever... It really is not clear that he's talking about the first dress. But then he goes on an on about it, and Logan intimates in an interview that Johnny has made up this lie about the first dress. Johnny says every time that the steamer on the iron "decided to spit." Never once does he say, "I should have checked to see if there was too much water in the iron," or anything remotely indicating that if this steamer thing really happened on either dress, that it might have been his fault. He does an impression of the steamer, even, and makes this huge noise like the thing practically exploded. And you know if that had happened, they all would have known about it the moment it occurred. Also, he's schlubbing around in bed the whole time he's telling this made-up story, picking his feet, and I cannot stand it. Why would anyone willingly be barefoot and gross on TV?

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