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So, now we're in that excruciating five minutes between finding out that they have a challenge and hearing what the challenge is where the designers have to tell us what they think the challenge will be. They never seem to be right, but here we go. Blayne thinks that they must be designing for a superstar and are required to be all exclusive and "rooftop style." He finds it all very scary. As they are walking down the street, Korto wonders if they are going to someone's penthouse, perhaps Mariah Carey. They wind up at a parking garage. As they all enter an elevator big enough for a car, Kenley whines, "I'm scared!" Terri replies, "This is hot though, if we're going to a party." It's never really a party, Terri. Learn that now, before it hurts too much. Kenley thinks it's like a haunted house in the elevator. She's a baby. Because it was only a matter of time, Blayne starts singing "The roof is on fire."

When the door of the elevator finally opens, the designers find a bunch of cars lined up on the roof. Tim is standing with the tiniest little dude in a floral print shirt. Tim introduces him as Chris Webb, the lead color designer for Saturn. He's presenting the challenge. He has a really thick Scottish accent. He says that behind him there are five Saturn Vue Hybrids. He says that 85% of the cars, by weight, are recyclable in today's environment. That feels like a mighty qualified statement, but good for them. So, today's challenge? The designers will have to recycle the cars to make an outfit of their choice. Terri interviews that she doesn't know how she's going to perform this challenge, since she doesn't have a blowtorch.

Tim says that the cars are stocked with raw materials used to make the cars. They will need to use them for their designs. This Chris fellow is smiling a whole lot and it's making me a little nervous. Tim says that this challenge is similar to the first challenge in that it's about innovation. Tim breaks it down and says that people weren't terribly innovative for that challenge. This is a second chance for them to wow the judges. Korto interviews that she's thinking she'd like to push it a little bit for this challenge.

Tim allows Chris the honors and he screams, "Go!" The designers have a bag and cart each and four minutes to get whatever they need from the cars. Kenley points out that the only thing in the cars were things that cars were made out of -- seats, mats, seatbelts. Blayne grabs some seatbelts because he thought they were beautiful. He says that he's already getting inspired. Joe says that, because he's from Detroit, the Motor City, this challenge is perfect for him. I'm from Mobile, Alabama. If they ever have the Azalea challenge, I'm gold. Jerell says that he was immediately drawn to these dashboard appliqu├ęs. He already has an idea for a futuristic bustier. He also grabbed a headlight and wonders if he will "work it into a brooch." Heavy. Tim sounds the one-minute alarm. Rayon says that he has so many wackadoodle things in his cart and he has no idea what he'll do. Stella says that she finds all of the rushing around to be really embarrassing and she's not doing it. Good for her. After the four minutes are up, during which time no one saved the word, Terri says that she can't carry her bag. Tim thanks Chris and we're on our way back to Parson's. Leanne says that she doesn't have a clue about what she will create for this challenge.

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