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Baby, You Can Drive My Dress

Back at Parson's, everyone hauled their junk into the workroom. 13 hours remain in the workday. Tim greets them and explains that the winner of the challenge will have immunity for the next challenge. He reminds them to be innovative and to have fun. Korto interviews that, with the limited time people had to absorb the challenge, as well as the short amount of time they had to grab materials, they are all still trying to figure out what they are going to do. Kenley throws some piece of metal something across the floor and is excited when it breaks. It looks like she's trying to get to whatever is inside of it.

Joe says that they are taking these car parts and twisting them into garments. I think he's about to say how it's incredibly freeing creatively or how much he loves to work on cars. No, he says he feels really happy to have immunity for this challenge. That's pretty funny. Everybody's sawing and hammering stuff and they all have gloves and safety goggles on. Blayne says that everything is very "experimental" right now in the workroom. Joe offers to trade someone a carburetor for a light. I think that's the lingo for hookers in Detroit, I'm not sure, but I do know it's totally inappropriate for Joe to talk like that in this setting.

Keith interviews that if you don't make the fucking judges happy, they will send you home. He's tired of presenting outfits that are huge standouts and just having them criticized. So, his outfit for this challenge will be more tailored. Keith seems very angry. I don't think this attitude is going to work very well for him.

Jerell says that the materials are heavy-duty -- just working with them is difficult. Stella says that she's unsure what to do. It's not innovative for her to make a leather dress and all of her outfits have had grommiting, pyramiding, and hammering. She says that she has to let ideas come into her head. Rayon is making a top out of a thick leather mat, which he considers entirely wackadoodle. He has cuts from glass (that he's now not even using) and blisters from using the scissors on the floor mat. He says this is "blood for fashion."

With nine hours remaining in the day, everyone's deep in their work. Stella says that this really isn't her thing, but it might be a nice time to step outside the box "and get eliminated." She interviews that everyone expects her to make like leather pants out of floor mats or something, but she's going to do something different. She's going to make a skirt of tiered seatbelt fabric. She really wants to make something that's pretty.

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