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Baby, You Can Drive My Dress

Rayon says that he's going to make a one-shouldered dress with fringe at the bottom. It'll be black and silver. He says that his favorite memory of a car was when his father gave him his great uncle's 1966 Buick Electra. He says that his father passed away in 1999, so he's not able to be here. However, he's watching from above and Rayon performs that infernal double air kiss to the heavens, for dad. It makes me so angry.

Keith is in some sort of spiral. In the sewing room, he tells Terri that he's going for a more tailored look. He interviews that he's more concerned about making the judges happy than about his design. That sounds to me like a little bit of self-sabotage or cutting off your nose to spite your face. "I'll show those judges. I'm going to make something that I don't even care about. Oh yes, they'll be sorry." Doesn't sound terribly effective, does it?

Korto interviews that she's going to try to weave the seatbelts. She wants a very structured look that is day-to-day wearable with a touch of avant-garde. Kenley, whose voice I didn't realize was quite this annoying, says that she looks around and most of the other designers are using seatbelts. She's creating a zebra print on air vents. Like, she's drawing the print on herself. Rayon tells her that it looks really good and she responds like a brat. "Oh, thanks." I think Kenley might irritate me a little. She interviews that she's making something that no one else is making.

Blayne is making a long, flowing evening dress. But, he's having problems sewing it because all of the sewing machines are getting screwed up from the materials that they are using. He's getting frustrated. He's trying to hand stitch parts of it. Jerell interviews that he's not having the same problems as everyone else. He thinks his look is going to be innovative, chic, and elegant. Leanne explains that her dress is being made with car seats. She's attempting a different silhouette for a cocktail dress. Stella thinks that her design is going to look like Planet of the Apes. She has some funky helmet-looking hat that she puts on Blayne. He, in turn, mixes his references and says, "Luke, I am your father.

Back in the sewing room, Terri asks Keith what he thinks about a piece that she's working on. He tells her that he wouldn't trust his taste, as it's apparently "questionable" now. She laughs. In an interview, she says that she needs to win Project Runway so that she can start her own label. It has always been a dream of hers. Plus, she doesn't want to go back to her old job. I smell a bridge burning. Kenley freaks out that she's behind, but Jerell tells her that everyone is behind.

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