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Baby, You Can Drive My Dress

Tim enters and says that he's sending in the models for a fitting. He also tells Kenley that her model, Shannone, has dropped out of the competition. Kenley falls out. She starts to pace around and freak out a bit. Tim tells her that they've brought back Germaine to be her model. She's "professional and lovely," he says. She interviews that the news made her want to collapse, because it gave her hours of extra work. She says that Germaine's body is completely different from Shannone's, as Shannone was narrow and curvy and Germaine is flat and boxy. Germaine is really going to love watching this later. She's going to have to add a panel to the back of the dress. Korto is really excited about her design. Blayne is having problems with the fit of his gown. Stella is happy with the way her design looks.

With everyone gone, Kenley says that Shannone bailed on her and she's pissed. Jerell says that she probably booked a paying job and need to take it. He reminds Kenley that it's hard being a model in New York. Even if you already are one? OK. Kenley says that it's all about her right now and she can be mad. She's totally pointless sometimes. I'm really starting to get sick of her, I think.

Later, Tim comes in to check on everyone. Blayne calls him "Timlicious" which never fails to incite a rage in me. Blayne explains that his original idea of hand-stitching this floor length gown was not really reasonable. Tim has lots of questions about the shape of the gown. He tells Blayne to keep working. Blayne says thanks and that he loves Tim's face.

He thinks Jerell's look is beautiful and futuristic. He thinks that Korto's looks is fabulous, but doesn't want her to lose any sophistication. Stella explains her look to Tim. She thinks it's unexpected. Tim reminds her that it needs to be good too. And pretty. And innovative. He doesn't think that she's pushing any of those things far enough. He tells her to commit. He says "Wow!" to Leanne's design. He says that he "gets" what she's doing.

Keith explains his outfit. He says that he's shooting for clean construction, because he believes that the judges want to see that from him. Tim reminds him that he needs to believe in the design too. Tim tells everyone that he's extremely excited by what they are all doing. He reminds them not to lose their "trajectory." Seriously.

Terri says that she's loving Korto's "scarecrow." A lot of pressing is going to be necessary to get the arms on the look to relax a little bit. Right now, Terri thinks it looks like Jeepers Creepers. She says that you'd better run for cover when this thing comes to attack you. I love this because she actually thinks it's so funny that she doesn't get the sentence out clearly. I do this all the time. Terri falls on the floor laughing about Jeepers Creepers. Korto doesn't seem horribly bothered by it. Jerell says that Terri doesn't know how to talk to other people. He says that she has two faces and four patterns and that's it. First of all, I haven't seen her be two-faced to anyone. Secondly, she has a lot more than four patterns. Jerell needs to back up. He says, "Don't trust the bitch." Wow, I hope we bring this up at the reunion. Of course, no one ever will because the reunions have to be totally about blooper reels of people making fart sounds on the runway and asking who they think will win. There's no time for addressing actually compelling stuff that ACTUALLY happened.

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