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In the sewing room, Keith tells everyone to not fuck up his machine. Blayne interviews that Keith's attitude has been really off lately. He's been swearing a lot. Crazy. He says that Keith has been slamming things and just generally seemed different. We see Blayne and Leanne talk about Keith having an attitude. Keith interviews that he can deal with the bitchy designers. He feels like he wants this more than anyone else. He feels like he deserves a win more than the others do.

At the Atlas Building, people start going to sleep. Stella calls her boyfriend, "Rat Bones." Yes. They have been dating for three years. His name is actually William. They are going to create a line together called "Zotis and Bones." She tells him how draining the show has been.

The next morning, Joe says that the workroom looks like an auto shop. Tim enters and sends in the models. They will have an hour before the runway show. Kenley is a wreck. Korto thinks that she has a good chance of winning. Keith tells his model not to sit in the skirt. With ten minutes remaining, Alyssa approaches Keith with a tear in the skirt. She sat in it. He freaks out. He interviews that he knows it's a competition for her too, but the stakes are much higher for him. Leanne stuffed Karalynn's underwear with muslin to help fill out the silhouette of her design. Kenley says that her skirt would have fit better on Shannone, but she's happy with it. After Keith fixes the skirt, he tells Alyssa to not sit in it.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She introduces Michael, Season Three finalist Laura Bennett, and antichrist Rachel Zoƫ. The show begins. It's Jerell's look. It's made from seat covers, carpets, resin moldings, and metal dashboard trim. It's a bustier of gray over a black skirt. There are vinyl panels outlined in silver on the bustier. They are in futuristic, yet slimming shapes. It looks really good. The styling is very futuristic as well. Jerell is very happy with the outcome.

Keith's look is next. It's a beige halter-top over a tan skirt. There is a leather brown belt at the waist. Keith says that he presented something that doesn't look like a car. I guess he's right. It is made of seat covers, liners, cushions, and cargo netting. The front is OK. The top is kind of cute. The skirt is tiered and also doesn't look horrible from the front. It's a wreck in the back though. The back of the blouse is totally opened and there's black netting near the waist. The belt kind of doesn't know what it's doing in the back either. Keith says that it's well-constructed, but there is a lot of puckering in the front of the skirt as she progresses down the runway.

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