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Baby, You Can Drive My Dress

Here's Terri's look. She made grey pants and a black top. She used seat covers, carpets, cushions, and cargo netting. She says that she wanted to make something with a hard edge. Mission accomplished. The slacks black rings of fabric at the knees. The black top is sleeveless and super-fitted. There is a panel of netting at the top of the bust. Everything fits really well.

Kenley's look follows. She says that she has made something very wearable. It's a black patent leather top and a skirt made out of air filters. The top is very fitted and sleeveless. The skirt is a long white pencil-shaped affair. There is an accordion-like apron with the zebra pattern at the waist.

Leanne's dress is next and it is great. It's short and black with seatbelt fringe at the top of the bust. At the hips, there is a sort of side bustle. It's very chic. She is very happy with the results.

Rayon's look is next. It is made of floor mats, sun visors, cargo netting, and seat covers. It's one-shouldered, with a black bodice. The skirt is shredded silver and blue metallic material. It's kind of meh. The bodice doesn't really fit very well, though the fabric is more to blame than Rayon is. He says that he's very happy with the outcome.

Here's Korto's look. It is entirely made of woven seatbelts. Korto says that she feels that she put a lot of work into this challenge. She loves it and thinks it looks great. It does look great. It's a high-necked jacket with bell sleeves. It's belted and creates such a chic silhouette.

Blayne's look is up. He used seat belts and broken glass from mirrors. It's a sleeveless floor-length gown. The seatbelts are draped vertically and sewn to just above the knee. Then, the flow freely. There is a v-shape of broken glass at the neck, suggesting cleavage. He wants to show the judges that he can design "outside of Blayne." He also managed to design outside of good. The dress puckers at the bust and just generally looks kind of stupid.

Joe's design is here -- and he's very lucky that he had immunity. He used seat covers, cushions, seatbelts, and logos. I'm not even sure what to say about it except that it's very ugly. It's a short sleeveless dress with a red and silver logo emblazoned across the front. He thinks it was very innovative. He feels like he achieved a motor cross dress of sorts. Sure, but it's still pretty ugly.

Here's Stella's look. She used seatbelts, seat covers, seat backs, carpet stays, and keys. She created a tiered pencil-shaped skirt and a racing style jacket. She says that she stepped outside the box and wouldn't necessarily go back there again. But, she feels proud of it. The skirt is kind of cute, but has nothing whatsoever to do with the jacket, which looks a little uneven and out of place.

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