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Baby, You Can Drive My Dress

The show is over and Heidi calls forward Rayon, Terri, Joe, and Kenley. They are qualified to move to the next round. They leave the stage. The models for the other designers (high and low scorers) return to the stage. Jerell is asked to begin. He says that he was drawn to the resin moldings, which suggested the futuristic aspects of his design. Rachel says that the tailoring and what he was able to achieve with the materials amaze her. Michael feels like he really gave his model a look. Heidi thinks it's exciting and wearable.

Blayne is asked to explain his look. When you follow someone who just got a ton of kudos, you must not be feeling so hot about pumping up your stuff. Blayne says that the natural draping of the seatbelts inspired him. Laura says that she likes the idea, but the fit at the top of the dress (it's puckered and misshapen) is distracting. Michael says that he's not a fan of the "car wash" dress. Rachel wishes that the dress were shorter. Heidi reminds him that breaking a mirror means seven years of "no sex." I thought it was bad luck, but in this circumstance, I'll happily go with "no sex." Hopefully, Blayne will believe it's a rule and not fate and he just won't do it for seven years. Instead, he says that he's not superstitious.

Korto says that she knew she wanted to start with a coat dress. Everyone thinks it's elegant and restrained. Rachel says that she would walk out the door in it. They love Leanne. They think it's interesting, chic, and well-crafted. Rachel thinks she could go straight to Paris in it. Stella says that she tried to step outside of her comfort zone. Rachel thinks the silhouette is lacking. Laura doesn't think that the top and bottom go together. Michael thinks it's random. Keith says that he tried to transform the materials. Rachel doesn't like the back of the look. Laura thinks that there's no concept. Keith says he doesn't feel like his other stuff was appreciated. Michael says that they don't want him to feel like they're trying to reign him in. He replies, "There is criticism and there are insults." OK, somebody's being a baby. Michael reminds him that fashion is a public endeavor and he's going to have to get used to hearing remarks that he doesn't like.

The judges confer. They were very excited by this challenge. Everyone did a good job. The found Jerell cohesive, Rachel wants to own Korto's coat, and they find Leanne's look flawless. They think that Stella's garment combo was off, Blayne's outfit was poorly made, and Keith was uninspired. Rachel thought it was totally uninspired. Michael thought it was crazy that Keith blamed the model and the critics for his shortcomings.

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