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Fashion Week

The world doesn't collapse, and they make it to the workroom. Jay announces that he has nine-dollar shoes. Wendy is struggling to make the Kors shoes work. Kara gets a hand delivery from her "shoe liaison." He also gives her hints for how the girls should wear the shoes (i.e. something with rubber cement that I didn't really understand). The other designers look so pissed.

With sixteen hours until the runway show, Wendy's mother and Finley show up. The girl is so cute. Both Kara and Jay whisper to each other that Finley is really adorable. Wendy's mother, Anne, gives Kara a big hug. This is uncomfortable. Jay says that the last person he'd want there right now is his mother. Kara also meets Finley, which is easier because she's so damn cute. Anne introduces herself to Jay and tells him she's a great admirer of his. They smoke together on the balcony. Their time together seems uncomfortable. Afterward, Jay gets on his cell to his sister Janet to say he feels bad about hating Wendy because Finley reminds him of his niece, Molly. It is hard to hate Wendy when she has such a cute little girl. I'm thinking Daddy must be a pretty nice guy. And tolerant of his wife's madness. Janet brings Jay back to reality though: "She made her own bed. You can't help that. She wants to dish it, but she can't take it." See, Janet's an audience member. Sure, a sister of a contestant, but that clarity comes from watching Wendy be such an asshole without the baggage of having been there. You could also say that things aren't as black and white when you are part of the situation, but I'm not the person whot's going to say that. Capisce? Jay does say that seeing Wendy with her family humanized her a little bit for him.

We see Jay call Julia and ask her to bring her own shoes. I wonder if that happens often. John Pfeiffer, the model-casting guy, calls Kara and tells her that Maggie Rizer had a death in the family and won't be able to model for her. They show a shot of Jay smiling, and I'm hoping he's not taking joy in Kara's misfortune.

Tim enters and reveals the order of the show as Kara Saun, Wendy, and Jay. They go back to their work. Tim then asks Kara Saun privately how much her shoes cost. She explains that Dollhouse is doing the shoes gratis. Tim interviews that he thought this might be problematic, seeing as Dollhouse is a major manufacturer. I'd imagine it's a pretty big deal to Bravo, which is probably charging Banana Republic and L'Oreal through the nose to get the same publicity Dollhouse is getting. When Tim talks to Jay, he says that he wishes he could help Jay, and we get the catty response, "Well, maybe I could have invited a friend over to help me."

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