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Fashion Week

Jay comes out, to screams. He says his work will speak for itself, and he's gone. His first girl has this massive quilted shawl thing on. There's a long skirt with patches on it and fringe at the bottom, with leggings worn beneath. Kind of space-agey. The next piece is another patched skirt -- high waist, with a thick belt over the girl's three-quarter-length-sleeved knit top. She is also wearing a beautiful scarf that must be like five feet long. All the girls are wearing headphones. There's lots of Jay's signature flair and deconstruction, with several really beautiful knit pieces, including the most magnificent blue cardigan that has stuffing all along the collar, creating an open bodice. It's tied at the waist with ribbon and buckles. It's really pretty and gets applause from the crowd. The girl that called him Buddha is wearing his really beautiful sweater with squares on it, over pants, a shirt, and a tie. It's like an androgynous, deconstructed, futuristic, prep-school uniform. And, it rocks. Lots of play with knits and geometric shapes. There are a lot of colors represented here, too. Julia enters to applause in a floor-length gown. It's red, and the neckline is a little reminiscent of Kara Saun, as it opens in a diamond over Julia's décolletage. Red and pink feathers surround the cutout. It is belted at the waist, with more red, and then flares into this intricate shredded skirt. It is layered and gets darker as it reaches the floor, where it is purple. It reminds me of Jay's skirt for the Nancy O'Dell bullshit, except on a much grander scale. Major applause for Jay. He links arms with Julia and walks the runway. Someone even reaches out and shakes his hand.

After the show, Carson Kressley says that Jay was his favorite. He felt that Jay was the only one of the three with a point of view. Tamara Mellon, who owns Jimmy Choo, liked Kara Saun. (There was a crazy story about Mellon in Vanity Fair a few months ago, by the way.) A model, Yvonne Scio, votes for Kara. Nora is there, and she says she wants Jay to win. Alexandra likes Kara Saun. Daniel Franco also likes Kara Saun.

All of the designers are relieved afterward. Wendy says that this is a milestone for her. She's proud of herself.

It's time for judging, at the Parsons runway. Michael says that he thought the show was great. The designers enter. Wendy has her own shirt on now. Heidi tells us that the winner of Project Runway will get a one-year contract with Designers' Management Agency, which represents the business interests of fashion designers; a fashion spread in Elle, a mentorship with Banana Republic, and $100,000 to start a fashion label.

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