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Fashion Week

Back at the runway, the judges deliberate. Nina is torn. For her, it's between Jay and Kara. Michael says he is looking for originality, but also wants to be left with curiosity about the designer's future. Heidi asks if they think Wendy exceeded expectations. Michael says that she is tenacious, but that she listens to other people too much. Too much of a good thing, I guess. Parker likes Jay's work because it's ironic, colorful, and not too serious. Nina "totally" agrees. As well, she thinks Jay has a lot of depth and originality. Michael points out that, since Jay lives in the middle of nowhere, his design instincts come from "his gut." The judges all commend Kara's professionalism and tailoring. As well, they feel that her work is intricate. Nina points out that Kara "doesn't lose her cool." Michael points out that Kara is consistent. Nina is still torn.

The designers return to the runway. Wendy is told that she is not as consistent as the others and, at long last, she is yacht. She goes backstage and hugs Melissa and Finley. She says she is going to open her own Wendy Pepper shop. With one final delusion, she tells us that she feels her work is unique. Later, Pepper.

It's down to Jay and Kara. They are hugging each other. Heidi tells Jay that his line was artistic and out-there. Kara is told that her execution of her line was beautiful. Jay wins. Kara's heart visibly breaks just a little bit. She and Jay hug. Jay is thrilled. Nina tells them that it was a very hard choice. Backstage, Kara hugs her family. She cries a little. She is happy that she got to show at Fashion Week, though.

Michael tells Jay to remember the moment. Jay's family comes onstage with Julia. Jay interviews as such: "I'm a winner!" He also tells us that he has been insecure a lot in his life, and that this has been a huge boost for him. He wants to show his vision to the world; in fact, he feels like he could conquer the world. "Project Jay, that's all I'm saying." Wow, all that beautiful design and he can see into the future as well.

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