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Fashion Week

In an odd touch, we see Heidi Klum Seal ushering each of the designers into a taxi. Did she make sure they had a twenty-spot stuck in their shoe? Come on. Jay seizes the moment, though, and screams out of the window of his cab, "Goodbye, Heidi. Auf Wiederwienerschnitzel! I'll see you at Bryant Park!"

Cut to ten weeks later. Tim Gunn tells us that he is going to check on the three designers' progress. I love this idea already: Jay and Tim getting trashed in some dive bar in Leahman, PA. Kara and Tim going clubbing in Hollywood. Wendy...getting ditched and Tim going somewhere fun in Virginia without her. Tim's all business, though, and interviews that he is interested to see what the designers do with more time than the usual twenty-four or forty-eight hours they have had to work on their challenges.

First stop: Leahman, Pennsylvania. Jay interviews, while wearing an absurd Little Orphan Annie wig, that Leahman is the town where he grew up. He tells us that he is the youngest of six children. Jay -- who I'm beginning to think should have his own fucking variety hour on Logo or something (for real, the guy's a riot) -- greets Tim on the front stoop of his house dressed in hunting gear (while still wearing that ridiculous wig under an orange hunting cap). He has a shotgun, which I hope is fake, and says, "I'm gonna get you, Tim Gunn." Tim replies, "Don't shoot, it's Project Runway calling." Smooth operator, that Tim Gunn.

Jay takes Tim into his studio. He has tons of fabric, all of it color-sorted. It's really beautiful. Jay says that he doesn't usually stand in his studio with a gun, which gets a chuckle from Tim, who says, "Well, you didn't know who I was." And Jay replies, "No, I was like, 'Who that on my property?'" Why do I love this exchange so much? Tim notes the lovely organization of the studio, and Jay downplays that he likes to keep things neat so that he can "know what's going on."

As Jay is giving Tim a tour of the house, he says, "Let me put my gun down." To which Tim replies, "I hope it's not loaded." "Actually, it might be." Bad Jay. You can kill with a joke, but it doesn't count if a gun did the actual killing. As they sit down to lunch, Jay asks Tim if he likes his wig. I don't know if he's kidding or not, but Tim says he wasn't sure that it was a wig and wondered if Jay was growing and coloring his hair.

With the removal of Jay's wig, they get down to business. We hear, in an interview, that Jay is about halfway finished with his collection. Apparently, it's the holiday season as this is recorded, and Jay tells Tim that he's feeling a bit off-track, but that when January arrives, he plans on "locking all of the doors" and working until he is finished.

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