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And, finally, we have Michelle's mini-collection. First up, she has this sweater with the wolf print over a silk blouse. She is wearing this over gray jeans and chaps. It's cool. The next look is a green dress with a skirt over it and a quilted breastpiece over that. I really hate this. There is so much going on. And, I can't imagine a circumstance where you could be wearing this outfit and not be thinking, "I'm going to suffocate." Lastly, she has her showstopper, which is her black jacket with the modular clip-ons. This is a very cool piece.

After the show, the judging begins with Michelle. She tells them that the lone wolf is her inspiration. She picked the looks to showcase her mix of casual and fancy. Zac asks her about her techniques and she says that she used a lot of quilting and leather. Heidi says there is a lot going on and she likes it. She likes the disheveled styling of the models, but she wishes there were a pop of color somewhere. Zac tells her not to call the saddlebags saddlebags. Nina doesn't like the hair and she feels like there is no connection between the hair and the makeup. She apparently collaborated with former weirdo designer Joe to create the knit pattern. Nina congratulates her on using her resources properly. That's true too. What a smart thing to do.

They talk to Daniel next. He says that the stingray is the through-line in his collection. Zac commends him for working with stingray, because it is very difficult. That said, he has seen it used as the racing strip on a dress tons of times. Nina doesn't think that the look with knit is dramatic enough. Heidi says that she is underwhelmed. She adds that she likes Daniel so much too and has rooted for him throughout the season.

Patricia's models come out next. Nina loves the horsehair parka. She's not crazy about her boots or the styling. Zac calls the blue dress Tina Turner Smurf, but Heidi says that she likes it. She's not wild about the black and white look. Zac wonders how she is going pull all of this together. Nina compares it to Dr. Seuss and Patricia says that it's not Dr. Seuss. Zac fucking SHUTS Nina down. I almost wonder if they have a beef or something. He says that, coming from mothers, being called Dr. Seuss is a compliment. He likes that her work has an element of humor to it. He loves the headpiece, which Nina hated. Nina felt like all of the fine details were overshadowed by the craziness surrounding them. Heidi wonders if she can edit. She says that she can. Nina really hates the horsehair too!

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