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Stanley presents his looks. Heidi thinks that there are not enough ideas showing. Zac thinks that the proportions date his looks. Nina thinks that he needs to get more modern. Heidi also thinks that the styling is boring too. Zac feels that he's right in the chic banal place. That's the worst place to be! Nina says that the collection has a lot of promise though.

Afterwards, backstage, Daniel is feeling anxious. Michelle says that she thinks all of them are going to Fashion Week and that they all deserve it. So generous when she is around everyone else. Patricia starts crying because she says that she feels like she has never made it to that next level during this process.

The judges confer and seem to like Michelle, though she thinks that she maybe overaccessorized. Nina didn't like the hair and make-up. She also says that she doesn't like Patricia. Zac thinks that she has the most potential, because she combines craft, originality and history. Heidi thinks that it would be sad for the people at home to not see what else Patricia made. That is such a great point! Man, Heidi GETS IT. We want to see the drama! She says that she would rather see Patricia fail than see either of Stanley or Daniel's boring collections. They think that Daniel is too old and they are concerned about the proportions and styling of Stanley's show.

The designers return to the stage. Michelle is in. Heidi reminds her to think about her styling and editing. Patricia is in! Heidi tells her to think about cohesion. She interviews that she is so excited she wishes she could say profanities. Fuck yeah! That means it's down to Stanley and Daniel. Stanley Whew. He tells them that he won't disappoint them.

Heidi tells Daniel that she's sorry. She says that they've loved having him on the show Project Runway. He says that he wouldn't change anything and I think Heidi maybe thinks that he's being defiant about the advice that they just gave him, but he clarifies that making it as far as he has was a real gift. She tells him that he's a lovely person and she gives him his kisses. He interviews that he's a little disappointed in himself. He goes backstage and everyone hugs him. Tim comes in and has everyone sit. He comforts Daniel, who really keeps it together. I'm proud of him and he's proud of himself. He says that he's a better person for this experience.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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