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Monkey House Syndrome

Next, Tim is in good ol' Austin, Texas to see Daniel. We arrive at Daniel's friends' house. Inside, Daniel is sitting at a table with his sister Kathryn. She asks him how he feels. Oh my God. His hair. What do you even say about this hair? It's like a direct descendent of Melanie Mayron from thirtysomething, except that he needs one chunky earring. Wait, that kind of makes both him and Michelle the offspring of Melanie Mayron. I really love Melanie Mayron and am sorry to besmirch her reputation with such comparisons because this hair is BONKERS. And, still with the mustache. So much look happening on Daniel. He tells Kathryn that he is confident that he stuck to his point-of-view.

Tim arrives and Daniel answers the door. They hug and Tim mentions Daniel's hair. He shakes it and says, "Isn't it fun?" Tim tells him that he looks like a chia pet, which is brilliant. Tim is excited to introduce Tim to Kathryn and his best friend Paul and Paul's partner Oscar. Kathryn tells Tim that, when they were kids in Puerto Rico, they would put on little shows. Daniel laughs that he would wear the brown dress with polka dots. Then, Kathryn says that Daniel's first outfit was for her and all of the girls asked her where she got it. She would say, "It's an Esquivel Original." Daniel interviews that he had to overcome being Hispanic and gay -- he was picked on a lot in school. I remember him saying in the premiere that he left school because of bullying. Here he is, nearly 50-years old, still feeling the repercussions. That's sad. He says that he is thankful for the people who cared about him when he didn't care enough about himself. Kathryn continues tearfully, saying how proud she is of him. He says that he is the happiest he has ever been.

So, Daniel's friends have been nice enough to let him use their home as his studio. Daniel shows Tim his storyboard. It includes Salvador Dali, which explains VOLUMES. He also has Berlin and astronomy. Tim thinks that those are three very different influences, but Daniel feels that he has been able to mesh them. Tim is complimentary about a lot of the looks. He suggests adding a black tuxedo stripe to a red pant. His one major problem is this cashmere jacket that he calls "grandma's robe." He thinks that it brings the whole collection down. He says that that the problem with living with your designs is something called Monkey House Syndrome. First, when you walk in, everything smells really bad. The longer you are there, the less you notice the smell. So Tim feels obligated to call out what stinks when he first walks in.

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