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Finally, Tim makes his way to Los Angeles to see Stanley one month before Fashion Week. Tim goes to Stanley's studio space. Stanley interviews that he has not rested since he got back home. He took maybe one weekend off. He's looking forward to Tim's critique. He says that his collection is inspired by the '60s, Renaissance Spain and clean lady looks. Tim comes in and they embrace. He immediately starts showing Tim his collection. He has one look of cashmere that is coupled with a velvet cape. Tim thinks that it's too much. There is too much fabulousness, which he adds is a high-class problem. Stanley isn't too worried because it just means that he has options. His one major misstep is a dress of like copper satin. The color just doesn't work and Tim hates it.

Stanley invites Tim to stay for lunch. His niece, Taylor, and his partner, Steve, are going to be there. Yep, he's going to stay. Taylor enters and Stanley interviews that she is sort of his pseudo-daughter. He has watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and they are friends. Steve comes in too. He and Stanley have been together for 20 years. Wow. As they are eating, Steve tells Tim that Stanley works very hard at everything that he does. He adds that he made the Easter dresses for his nieces for years, which Taylor confirms. She is adorable. She says that Stanley made her prom and homecoming dresses and she never had a store bought Halloween costume. Meanwhile, Stanley is just silently eating. I love that hard ass. Apparently, this was Stanley's third audition for Project Runway. He wasn't sure that he was going to do it this year because his sister, Belinda, passed away. Stanley interviews that the toughest part of this experience has been the absence of his sister Belinda, who was his best friend and who passed away suddenly a year ago. He says that they had a very special relationship and he thinks that she would have gotten a real kick out of him being on the show.

Tim reminds Stanley that, of all of the remaining designers, he is the only one that everyone considers a threat. Steve asks him how he feels about that, because he lives with it every day. Stanley is just pretty chill about it, though he thought he had been flying under the radar this whole time. Tim gives hugs all around, then leaves.

Flash forward four weeks and here we are in New York City, ready for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Daniel is the first to arrive at the hotel where they will be staying. He interviews that the flight from Texas to New York was wild because twenty people recognized him while he was waiting to board. The penthouse where they are staying is beautiful. He just takes in the view. Soak it in, Daniel. His hair is a little tamer today.

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