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Michelle arrives next. Daniel says that he still has a bad taste in his mouth regarding what happened towards the end of the Lord & Taylor challenge. Really? That was the problem you had? It wasn't her talking shit about every creative impulse you could possibly have every time she was behind a closed door? That's what would make me guarded. Michelle is all smiles and hugs him and tells him how handsome he looks. She can tell that he is not happy to see her. She's so confusing. She's like "get over it" in her interviews. Then, she is confused by what he's talking about when he says that the past is the past. Then, she interviews that they need each other right now. They need each other's HUGS. It's like three different Michelles talking right now. Seriously, those were three different world views expressed by the same person in less than ten seconds of viewing time.

Stanley is the next to arrive. Michelle tells him that he looks like a pimp. He is excited to be back, but he is anxious about all of the work that he has to complete. He explains that he paid a woman to dye some fabrics for him and she ruined $700 of material. What? He had to start over because of that. Daniel says that they are excited to see what Patricia has made. Michelle says that it's going to be MoMA glamour. I guess that is because they went to MoMA? It is very modern stuff that she makes so I guess that makes sense.

Patricia enters and everyone seems happy to see her. "Hey, Mommy," Stanley says to her. She says that she is not sure if is the competition that created the bond with everyone, but she is excited to see them. Michelle finds a note from Heidi and Tim that tells them to relax for the day because they are getting back to work the very next day. Michelle pops some champagne and Patricia toasts "to many more fabulous collections." Everyone concurs.

The next day, they go back to the workroom. It is two days before the big show. Everybody starts unpacking their bags and Stanley says that he is really nervous. Daniel is a little worried too. He hopes that he made his collection young enough. Patricia sees his stuff and thinks that it looks really safe, which is not safe because it won't get you to Fashion Week. Michelle made some chaps which Patricia loves. Stanley is happy to see that she included a gown in her collection. Daniel thinks that her collection is trying too had. Stanley was excited to see Patricia's work but it's not his style. He still thinks that Michelle is his biggest competition. Everyone is stunned that Stanley has a lot of work to complete. Michelle makes a remark that he is further behind than the rest of them and he's like, yeah, I already told you that. She interviews that she can't imagine why someone would set themselves up for failure like that. Did she not listen to him when he was explaining that he had to start over?

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