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The models come in for their fittings. Daniel's pants don't fit, so he has to find an alternative. Patricia's fitting goes really well and Amanda and Michelle both think that her cape looks really good. Stanley is happy with his fitting as well. For some reason, Michelle made all of her pants really tiny and she didn't leave enough of a seam allowance to make the proper alterations.

With one hour remaining in the day, Layana and Samantha are working near each other. Layana whispers to Samantha that, other than the horsehair cape, everything is a disaster. Patricia walks in at one point and she stops talking. Layana says that she doesn't even know how she can help. Samantha interviews that she loves Patricia's technique, but she's not wearing any of her clothes.

The next day, it's the day of the runway show. Everyone gets into the workroom and starts working. Tim comes in to pump everyone up. Then, the models come in for their fittings! Stanley is behind and needs help because Richard can't sew leather. Michelle says that it's not Richard's fault that he showed up with bags of pattern pieces. What is her damage? It's almost time for the show. Patricia says that she wants this so badly. Stanley is really excited.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She reminds them that their mini-collections will decide who shows at Fashion Week. She introduces Zac and Nina. No guest judge this time. The show begins with Stanley's look. He starts with these black slacks, black jacket and gold blouse. It's hot. Next up is this gold dress with a plunging black neckline. There's something chunky about the fit, which he recognizes. Lastly, he has this top and skirt with black rhinestones. There's a black jacket on top. All of this stuff is really well done, though maybe not as dramatic as it should have been. He is happy and proud though.

Next, we have Patricia's collection. I hate the first look. It's this babydoll-fitted black and white print. Way too many accessories are happening. The next piece is the horsehair cape, with black leather pants. It's amazing. Her muse, Katrina, is wearing her showstopper. It's sort of a blue flapper dress with silver sequins and a blue feather headpiece. It's crazy, but I think I love it. Patricia thinks that it's strong and fun.

Here's Daniel's collection. The first look is black leather Capri pants, with a stingray jacket with a plunging neckline. His second look is a knit sweater and tuxedo pants. There are stingray stripes on the pants. It's cute, but not dramatic enough at all. Next is a black crepe gown, with a stingray racing stripe on the back. Apparently, Tim was unable to persuade him. He's going with his original idea.

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