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Joanna finally arrives and she's wearing this sick yellow dress and super sexy pumps. Thing is, she can make the sexiest dress look severe. She just has this special talent for that. She hugs everyone. She asks how they feel about the challenge and Austin says that he feels scared and frantic. Michael asks what she, as an editor, looks for in a collection. She says that she looks for a shift from the previous season. Then, within each collection, you try to look for themes. And, all of the time, everywhere, you look for leprechauns. You never know where those fuckers might be. Mondo asks her how she feels about theatricality in a runway show, because they've been accused of being over the top. She says that she feels that it depends on who the designer is. She tells them that the guest editor position that is one of the prizes will include helping the editorial team divine the themes of the season and translating runway looks for the readers. They'll be working with Nina Garcia. Mondo says that guest editorship is his dream job. He tells Joanna that he loves being a part of a team and collaboration. You know, that would be a good way for designers to see the competition. Instead of thinking that they're being asked to forget who they are as designers or whatever, they should think of the challenges as collaborations. At least, that seems like a good idea to me.

The boys head to Central Park to sketch for their collection. Michael wants to incorporate green into his looks. Austin wants to end his collection with a wedding dress. Mondo says that it's just time for him to focus. Michael thinks that he wants this prize more than the others. Commercial break -- have you guys seen ads for this showing Coming Home where they bring back soldiers and spring them on their loved ones? I can't think of anything that could make me bawl quicker than such a show and I'm staying FAR away from it. I just don't need that sort of drama in my life. Then, they head to Mood. Austin seems on track, except his internal muse is a "modern day rock star meets Hasidic gentleman." I can't say that I don't love that, but it's terrifying.

They go to the workroom and the set-up is totally different and they have their own private work spaces now. While they're together for lunch, Austin asks Mondo if he likes what he got from Mood. He doesn't. He's being really cold right now. He says he's happy that he can close his door now. RUDE. Austin says, very generously if you ask me -- you did, right?, that he wants Mondo's input on his work. He also says that he understands if Mondo needs space. He's not stupid though, he acknowledges in an interview that Mondo really rebuffs a lot of his shows of friendship.

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