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Nina and Michael seem to give pretty good advice. Everything, they say, should totally exemplify who the finalists as designers. If they see anything in their collections that's been done before, Nina says, they should take that stuff out. Michael explains how to order the show, in high/low moments like the audience is being taken for a ride. All good. Nina adds that they should think about color, and seemingly without knowing anything about Irina's collection, says that an all-black collection is difficult to get editorial on. I think that's what she says, anyway -- the edit is really weird and the camera is on Irina, not Nina, so who knows if Nina was even in the room when she said this? Anyway, Irina puts her head in her hands. In an interview, she has the unmitigated gall to say that she disagrees with Nina. "I know she's a judge," Irina says, "but color just doesn't fit in to what I'm doing with this collection." Well, Michael did tell them to go with their guts, so I guess... sometimes, though, your gut will turn on you. Ask Carol Hannah! (See what I did?)

Speaking of CH, she is over in her corner, running on adrenaline, breaking mannequins and just trying to live. "I'm a tough person," she says, "and I can push through pretty much anything." Her sickness, however, is draining her. The next day, the models arrive for fittings, and she is still feeling gross. I hope she is no longer contagious, because Tim arrives to send in their "muse models," i.e. the models they were paired with during the regular run of the show, Lisa, Tanisha and Kalyn. Wow, Kalyn's name gets on my nerves. How could that be the way it's really spelled? It is, though. Tim also reminds the designers that whatever look these girls wear in the show will be the looks that appear for that final moment before the judges. So noted, the designers get to fittin'. CH's model, Lisa, has always been my fave. Her body WILL NOT quit, and though I always say she looks good in everything, some of Carol Hannah's more whimsical designs don't quite work on her, so CH has to try her in several things. The other designers are doing the same with their models, taking Polaroids and trying to decide how much time they'll have to alter one look or another.

Heidi arrives, somehow looking more gorgeous than ever before, to surprise them all yet again. Can they get a minute to do some work, or something? Damn. Heidi's big not-at-all-shocking announcement is that they must all now create a 13th look in one day. They don't even pretend to be surprised, possibly because they've seen this show a time or two. Equally unshocking is that they'll have some help -- Gordana, Christopher and Logan have been brought back to pitch in as their assistants. Drawing names from the much-feared velvet bag, Heidi gives them a chance to choose their helpers. Because she is obviously insane, Althea, who is first, chooses Logan. Whaaaat? Possibly she still feels burned by Gordana's late in the game friendship with Irina, but... WHY would you not choose Gordana, master seamstress?! Crazy. I really hope it's not because she was trying to be NICE to Irina, who very obviously would have chosen Gordana no matter what, because if that's it, the girl has Stockholm Syndrome. Also! You know CH is sad that she does not get to choose Logan, who she looooves. However, as the last to choose, she seems pleased enough to have Christopher on her team. He's not terrible at sewing, I don't think, and I believe his niceness will at least help her not to freak out. "Now we have help, which is much needed," she says in an interview. "And, it's way more fun." Anything would be more fun than sitting in a room with Irina, as she tries to bitchily manipulate everyone's emotions, no question.

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